Blowout Boot Camp April 01, 2016 09:08

Blowout Boot Camp

Is your hair in dire straits? Here are four quick tips to achieve the perfect DIY blow wave…

Whether you’re looking to volumise limp hair or just add some staying power to your look, heat styling is often the answer. However, when it comes to copying what your hair stylist does at the salon, it’s a lot harder than it looks!

With just a hair dryer, a good brush and a couple of styling products you can transform lacklustre locks into a do’ that can rival Kate Middleton. Next time you’re at the salon, we recommend closely watching what your hair stylist does and asking them questions for insider tips and tricks. This way you can learn what works best for your hair and ways to make your style last longer.

Here are four simple steps to always follow to ace a perfect blow wave:

  1. If you’re a bit of a hair novice, apply an all-in-one product that will prep, prime, treat and protect your hair before you apply any heat to it.
    Try: Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Treatment Primer 
  1. Don’t start with soaking-wet hair. Save yourself 70 percent of the effort by quick-drying the ends first then move the dryer around and fluff with your fingers.Most of the styling occurs when hair is 90 percent dry and the less time your hair is exposed to the heat of the dryer, which can be damaging, the better. 
  1. To get body, work in sections, using alligator clips – they work well at gripping the hair so it doesn’t slip out.
  1. Now is the time to take a break from your straightener and curling iron. You, your dryer and a good boar’s-hair-and-nylon-bristlebrush are the dream team! Dry from roots to ends, moving the brush and the dryer together down the hair shafts. Always keep the airflow angled down toward the ends, which will make the cuticles lie flat and ultimately make your hair look smoother and shinier

Short, long or in-between, we all want to get the most from your hair and to be able to change up our style with ease. 

Still Challenged?
Every woman knows how to blow their hair dry, right?! But that doesn’t mean we know how to dry it “right”?

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