Hair Strobing: Is this the next big hair trend? May 31, 2016 14:07

Want to illuminate your face, bring out your eyes, define your cheeks or profile, well like makeup, hair trends are constantly evolving and we've noticed that make up tricks also work incredibly well on our hair. 

Hair strobing adds highlights where light would naturally hit the face, and adds a glow to those areas. Meaning we can accentuate your best features, and compliment those you dislike with contrasting colours.

The technique consists of coloring that is two shades darker or lighter than natural hair color, creating a wave of light that makes hair strands pop and gives locks a glossy highlighted look that frames your face.

After Hair Contouring Comes Hair Strobing

Color trends often can be intimidating, but perhaps strobing’s biggest benefit is that the method is versatile and works for long or short styles. Every face has its own shape: round, square, oval or oblong – and like hair contouring, hair strobing is a coloring technique intended to highlight your best features. The goal is the same, but the details differ slightly. While hair contouring brightens or darkens certain parts surrounding the face to bring it out and frame it better, hair strobing is an even more delicate coloring technique that consists of working on areas where light is reflected naturally. In both cases, the objective is to get naturally shiny hair that bring out your best facial features.

The Facts
Strobing is the new game changer in the world of hair colouring. Arguably, it suits everyone as colour is applied differently depending on your individual face contour and natural hair shade.
Following the same rules as you would apply bronzer- it aims to enhance your natural colour with lighter pieces (aka baby-lights). This gives a more youthful effect than hair foils- yes, that's right, this hair trend is anti-ageing.
The combination of chunky and super thin baby-lights gives the 'strobing' effect.

The Technique
First you 'contour' your hair by blending in your natural tone to your existing hair colour.
When strobing use your face contour to decide the areas where best to apply colour.
Section hair into a variation of sized weaves and highlight where it feels right- this will make the eyes pop and accentuate your cheekbones.
Using your brush, create different angles when applying colour to create shade and light whilst blending into your natural colour.

Brands responsible for the hair strobing phenomenon include Matrix and Redken who have come up with various techniques to apply color depending on your complexion and facial features. Neither horizontal nor vertical, the application of the color is done according to the location of lighter zones depending on each client. As a true art of coloring, this extremely meticulous pigment work must be in perfect harmony with the personality of every client. The result is that your color is unique, and your hair will be ultra-glossy with the natural brilliance of hair that exudes health.

Hair strobing is particularly flattering for curly hair, and indeed the different touches of light contrasting perfectly with areas of shadow, will further enhance curls. On naturally straight and sleek hair, this coloring technique adds volume.