Celebrity Style December 03, 2015 14:10

There is no denying the power of the media (in all its forms) in driving hair and fashion direction.
And now with the dominance of social media, we are more and more inspired by the bloggers and the celebrities who have the influence (and the followers) to create new trends

Our clients now get their beauty ideas from Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Polyvore and other websites, and share their fashion ideas, get styling tips or get ideas for accessories, nail art, body tattoos and piercings and other popular fashion trends online

With social media fashion-forward people can stay constantly up to date with the changes with in the hair beauty and fashion industries…observing trends as they happen

We are constantly exposed to photos and video of celebrities out and about, walking the red carpet or relaxing in their private lives. Whether its a subconscious desire to emulate these stars or appreciation of their beautifully coloured and meticulously styled locks, its is now common place to reference your favourite star when you are thinking about a change

There are countless celebrities who have created a huge buzz in salons all over the world.
J’Lo, Beyonce & Khloe Kardashian inspired not only the ombre trend but also big ’glamour’ hair that got us all working our arm muscles and our blow wavers

Gwen Stefani brought us the original ‘hair patten’ trend with her bold graphic light and dark design

Kylie Jenner made headlines with her mint green dip dye pastel and inspired a generation to expose their roots and try new mermaid tones

Kim Kardashian stopped the presses when she trialed briefly a platinum blonde look. Although she didn’t stay light for long, she inspired brunettes all over the world to experiment with a radical light

Nicole Richie moved from TV-Celeb to fashion icon when she cut her hair and starting with pastel tones until she unveiled the very first ‘grey hair’ look which has become a mainstream trend

Katy Perry is known for her brights…purple, blue, green and her constantly morphing colour palette motivated client to look for regular change while technological innovations have allowed us as colourists to achieve these results

Kelly Osborne gained credibility as a fashion guru when she introduced her lilac pastel and grey tones to the world

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Blake Lively & Cara Delevingne both come to mind when you think about subtle balayage, baby lights & bronde…and their images are used in salon all over the world as inspiration

Jennifer Lawrence wowed fans and inspired hairdressers internationally with her bold pixie cut

Sexy, sultry, voluptuous Christina Hendrix brought bright copper hair to the world and this trend is still strong in many salons

Always the epitome of sophisticated style Sienna Millar proved that there is a bridge between natural blonde and pastel tones with her beautiful rose gold hues

Making varied lengths edgy and interesting Rhianna, FKA Twigs & Kelly Osborne have all rocked the undercut over the past seasons, creating a more mainstream trend within the salon.

Often, the latest hair trends are also tied to emerging styles as seen at Fashion Weeks in all the major cities. The models featured in these shows are given hairstyles designed by some of our industry’s most creative talents (like Guido Palau) to enhance the clothing being displayed. Hair colours used on the runway may echo the tones that dominate the clothing line, or may offset by contrasting them.

In many cases, the hair seen in these runway shows are avant-garde, making them impractical for everyday wear. Still, these looks often lead to a kind of “trickle-down” effect in which certain elements of the look are picked out and toned down so they can be worn by the general public.



Consider this new hair trend the lighter, trendier cousin of the rainbow hair look that has been seen over winter It's a blend of pearl and light pinks, blues, lilacs, or greens.

Hair Contouring

The biggest makeup trend of 2015 has its sights set on your entire head this year. Hair contouring uses colour based on face shape and skin tone to frame your best features. Using colour we can create emphasis and dimension within the hair.

The Babylights technique puts an emphasis on delicate, natural-looking highlights like the ones you had when you were a young child but haven't seen since. The sun-kissed look is low maintenance but a more modern take on the balayage look that is now slowing being surpassed
Seventies Shag

If 2015 was the Year of the Lob, then in the coming season women will be opting for 1970’s-inspired shoulder-length layered look with lots of beautiful texture, elegant styling with the perfect dose of rock 'n' roll.
Hair Patterns
Over the past few months, perennial hair trailblazer Gwen Stefani has gotten pattern-happy with her hair. The singer's platinum blonde strands have been colour-blocked and striped in razor-edge chunks in a range of fierce contrasting shades.
Brown + blonde = bronde. Throw a few create celebrities into the mix and you know it's a trend with a long shelf life. A healthier and more subdued version of the ombré, it's a great option for brunettes who want a little lightness
Rose Blonde
Sienna Miller, Kate Hudson and Jemima Kirke have all updated their colour with the perfect blend of blonde and rose. This tone has universal appeal for its flattering skin softening effects and can be worn by clients of all ages