Updated COVID -19 Safety Measures


Keeping us all safe with Omicron

With Omicron present in the community It is vital for the wellbeing of everyone that we adhere to all of these safety protocols 

  • If you are feeling unwell or suffering from a cold or respiratory illness, or if you believe you may have been exposed to Covid we ask that you reschedule your visit. You will not be charged for rescheduled or canceled appointments. For more information about COVID cancellations click here 

  • Vaccines are a part of our defence against Covid-19 and all our team are double (or triple) vaccinated. 

  • Masks - as we are a close contact business, to ensure well-being of our clients and our team we will wear a mask while performing your salon services. You are also required to wear a mask in the salon, please bring a mask with you during your salon visit. 

  • Non Contact Forehead Temperature Checks - before you move into the salon space please let us check your temperature  - this allows us to minimise the risk of un-symptomatic covid being brought into the salon.

  • Social Distancing is a requirement in the new normal for the Salon Industry...but is as much as It is practical. As you can imagine it would be impossible to cut and colour your hair from a 1-2 metres, however the space between each client is two metres and we have private hair spa rooms to ensure your privacy & safety. During your time in the salon, we please ask you try and stay 1.5 meters or more from other clients

  • Reception We will set up an appropriate distance for waiting clients, however we ask that you help us by not bringing anyone extra with you while you get your hair done and that you are patient as we juggle people around. If the reception area is busy please wait outside until one of our team lets you know that its ok for you to come in.

  • Antibacterial Surface Cleaner - all areas are cleaned to ensure the ultimate cleanliness between each clients visit

  • Stylists will be washing hands between every client as usual.

  • Waiting Area: to ensure proper social distancing we will set up an additional waiting area outside the salon (under cover) so that if you have to take a seat before your appointment It will be al fresco. 

  • Hand Sanitiser is available on every station - please feel free to use this while visiting us as often as you like

  • Disinfect Tools & Combs - we use new tools on each client that has been disinfected in barbacide

  • Gloves - all chemical procedures are performed wearing biodegradable  disposable gloves. These are also available for your use should you require.

  • Hand Soap - we have 3 sinks, each with anti-bacterial hand soap and paper towels

  • Daily Salon Cleaning - the floors and surfaces are professionally cleaned every night to ensure the salon is as clean as possible

  • Reception - The Eftpos machine is sanitised after every use and all reception surfaces will be disinfected after every client. We have contactless payment on our system.  Where possible the reception team will come to you at the styling station to take your payment rather than you coming to the desk

  • The Appointment is Just for You...Please don't bring anyone with you to your appointment, sadly we need to minimise the number of people in the salon as much as possible - this is for your safety and ours


  • As per the New Zealand Hairdressing Association direction we will be implementing the following changes.

  • Removal of magazines - please bring your own device and use our free WIFI to scroll while you wait

  • Beverages - unfortunately we are unable to provide you with beverages at this time - you are welcome to bring your own or grab a takeaway from one of the surrounding all know how much we love Mimosa 

  • Personal Affects - We will be asking you to remove and hang up your own jackets or coats and to move your phone or bag when you move around the salon


We are going to be busy for the next few weeks while we catch up so please where possible be on time so we can try and run to schedule

We know we will continue creating beautiful hair now and many years to come!

Thanks again for your support

Jennifer Morgan & the M2Collective Team