COVID 19 - Update. We are all in this together March 19, 2020 17:32

We are still open as usual and the response from our client's has been amazing. We are unbelievably grateful and thank you for your kind continued support and understanding. 

We know this is a time of great stress for everyone and the unknown can feel overwhelming, but it is so important the we don’t panic

This is a hugely important time to throw your support behind small business if you can - salons, beauty therapists, restaurants, bars especially the smaller independent operations…we all need it. 

We all want our favourite bar, restaurant, cafe or hair salon to be here at the end of this crisis and it is with the support of each other we will make this a reality

At Morgan & Morgan Hair Collective we will be looking after our staff no matter what happens. We are trying to be reasonable and stay calm and reassure each other and our client community that they are going to be taken care of.

For the first time since the GFC of 2007 we are more than every staying true to the adage of "Keep Calm & Carry On"

Most independent hair salons are small businesses and there are over 3000 of them in New Zealand. A lot of owner-operator businesses are just working on cashflow, so that's really going to hurt a lot of people.

But we are all in this together

At the end of the day, our team needs healthy clients to support them so that they can continue to earn a wage each week, so we are doing everything practical to provide a safe environment in the salon

Cancellations  have definitely increased this week, and we are anticipating more as the Covid-19 fears continue to grow. 

We ask that if you feel like you are at risk of exposure you give us as much notice as possible to cancel your appointment so we can work our schedules

If you have an appointment, do not be alarmed! If have not travelled outside the country in the last 3 weeks, and have not been in contact with anyone sick we cannot wait to see you…in fact we need you more now than ever

We have a small space and team so we only have around 8-10 people in the salon at any one time. The distance between each client is over one metre and we have private hair spa rooms to ensure your privacy & safety

We are still taking bookings, precautions have been implemented..with hygiene and cleanliness measures ramped up:

Disinfect tools & combs - we use new tools on each client that has been disinfected in barbacide

Disposable gloves - all chemical procedures are performed wearing disposable gloves

Hand soap - we supply 2 sinks, each with anti-bacterial hand soap and paper towels

Clean towels and capes - every client is caped up with a clean towel and cape that has been thoroughly laundered

Antibacterial surface cleaner - all areas are cleaned to ensure the ultimate cleanliness

Daily Salon cleaning - the floors and surfaces are professionally cleaned every night to ensure the salon is as clean as possible

The Eftpos machine is sanitised after every use


As per the New Zealand Hairdressing Association direction we will be implementing the following changes as a temporary measure

Removal of magazines - please bring your own device and use our free WIFI to scroll while you wait

Hand Sanitiser is available - please feel free to use this while visiting us

Paper cups - although we have a commercial grade dishwasher we will be getting disposable cups for your use

We send our thoughts and good vibes to our community and worldwide and to all the medical teams and everyone else out there who is working overtime in this situation

We do hope to see you all in the salon soon and ask you to keep supporting local as much as possible, our team  need this more then ever in times like this

We know we will continue creating beautiful hair now and many years to come!

Thanks again for your support

Jennifer Morgan & the M2Collective Team