Heat Cure October 18, 2016 13:49


Just imagine, one of the biggest culprits of damaged hair –heat– is actually the most effective way to restore damage and revive the look and feel of healthy hair

Six years in the making, Redken introduces NEW Heatcure Professional, a breakthrough heat-activated salon service and at-home self-heating treatment designed to restore damaged and overly-processed hair.

The two-part Heatcure system includes the hair spa service, which consists of the Heatcure Professional Formula and the Heatcure Professional Tool and the Heatcure At-Home Treatment.
After the salon service, even the most damaged hair is instantly restored to a healthy, vibrant look and feel for up to 10 washes!

Maintain the look and feel of healthy hair with the at-home self-heating mask for instant conditioning, softness and shine, repairing up to one year of hair’s surface damage!

In Salon: Heatcure Professional Service

The heat-activated protein delivery system penetrates deep into the hair’s cortex to instantly fortify and restore damaged hair with lasting results. The restoration service begins with the Heatcure Professional Formula which features a unique combination of proteins including arginine, soy, sepicap; wheat and palm oils; low melting point waxes and cationic surfactants.
The ingredients liquefy and penetrate up to the cortex of the hair with the use of the Heatcure Professional Tool, an exclusive ceramic tool for hair restoration designed with a specifically-calibrated low-heat setting

Afterward, hair looks and feels healthier, more conditioned, nourished and less damaged. In fact, studies show that after just one Heatcure Professional Service, 96% of clients agreed their hair felt more conditioned, and 94% agreed their hair looked healthier. Ten washes later, 70% of clients were still satisfied with their Heatcure Professional Service

Nearly every client of mine who suffers from damaged hair, no matter their hairtype, would benefit greatly from the Heatcure Professional Service. Each day, hair is exposed to so many aggressors – both environmental and chemical – that can damage hair internally and externally. Damage is instantly reversed with the Heatcure Professional application and provides lasting results. With the option of both a salon service treatment and an at-home treatment, clients of all hairtypes can easily achieve hair that looks and feels as if it’s never even been touched by heat or chemicals.

At-home: Heatcure Self-heating Mask

Clients are encouraged to follow their in-salon service at home and prolong the service benefits with the Heatcure At-Home self-heating treatments. The weekly fortifying masks deliver deep-conditioning to restore the hair’s healthy look and feel with a process that is as simple as “peel, heat and treat.” After just one application, the at-home heating treatment repairs up to one year of hair’s surface damage and restores the appearance of shine, conditioning and softness to the hair. Studies show that 96% of clients who tried the at-home treatments agreed that their hair felt more nourished and conditioned, 86% agreed their hair looked healthier, and 80% agreed their hair felt less damaged


• Takes distressed, damaged or colour treated hair to beyond repair to total restoration 

• Gives you unmatched long lasting benefits 

• Hair has new life as though it was never coloured, damaged or processed 

• Results last up to 10 shampoo’s and repairs up to 1 year of surface damage