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pH-Bonder: The in-Salon Treatment For All Colour Clients

This treatment will save your hair from harm!

It goes without saying that condition is one of the most important elements to having beautiful manageable enviable hair

Over the past decade we have seen huge technological advances in hair repair that offer solutions to anyone who feels a need to put back what natural wear'n'tear, ageing, over-styling, straightening and colouring takes out.

Buzzy salon services often sneak up on you. They start as whispers among stylists and trickle down through social media and beauty blogs. If you colour your hair, the current "it" service you should be asking us about is "Bond Multiplication".

With more than 25,000 professional colorists using bonding products, it is clear that preventing the stress that accompanies the haircolor and lightening process is a priority

As colourists, our work is always a delicate balance between bringing our clients’ colour dreams to life and maintaining the integrity of their hair.

The truth is, colour services can cause damage, and for a while now, the industry has been well aware of the limitations this places on our ability to achieve the looks we want (after all, there’s only so much a great conditioning treatment can do).

That is, until now. Enter: Redken pH-Bonder.

In support of the new wave of “bond protectors” we at Morgan & Morgan Urban Retreat have tested Redken pH-Bonder to the absolute limit and, well, it’s love!

It works in like this:

Step 1) We add pH-Bonder’s bond protective additive to your colour, this means the bonds in your hair are being protected while you’re getting coloured

Step 2) Before we shampoo and condition your hair, we leave pH-Bonder’s fibre restorative pre-wash concentrate on for ten minutes which helps repair fibres and smooth out the cuticle

Step 3) You can use the post-service perfector at home to maintain your hair’s natural pH level at home.

And what do you get out of this? Well, a few things!

First, using pH-Bonder means we can push your colour and lightener to the edge without the need to bump up the developer, without compromising on processing time. Outcome = better results, less damage, no extra waiting.

Win, win, win!

Plus, yes pH-Bonder protects the hair, but it also actively repairs. The hair becomes silky, smooth and even more hydrated than before the you walked into the salon.

The balance between hair-beauty and hair-health has been struck with this little gem, we’ll tell you more when we see you next time!

pH-Bonder is a complete solution to promote bond integrity during all professional haircolor or lightening services, resulting in softer, smoother hair while preserving the health of hair during each salon visit.

New pH-Bonder minimizes stress and allows us to create lighter, brighter hair, richer more balanced colour and reduced colour fade, at the same time, improving the overall health and strength of your hair.

“My clients are always interested in colour change, but as their colorist, maintaining the health of their hair during and after each service is a top priority,” say Redken Artist Jennifer Morgan. “pH-Bonder allows me the security of knowing that my client’s hair is going to be protected from breakage and damage while still achieving the color results they desire, along with added strength, softness and shine.”

A must-have for all colour services, pH-Bonder allows us to offer the unique bond protecting system included as part of a standard color treatment or as an added dedicated service to complement any color or lightening appointment.

It’s suitable for all hair types and is free of silicone, phthalates, dea and aldehydes.

After receiving your professional colour service using pH-Bonder, we recommend you maintain your color with Post-Service Protector and Redken Color Extend Magnetics Shampoo and Conditioner until your next scheduled salon appointment.


For a complete understanding of how we use pH-Bonder and why you want it in your colour, click on the video link below 


pH-bonder from M2Collective on Vimeo.


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