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pH-Bonder: The in-Salon Treatment All Colour Addicts Need

This treatment will save your hair from harm!

Buzzy salon services often sneak up on you. They start as whispers among stylists and trickle down through social media and beauty blogs. If you colour your hair, the current "it" service you should be asking us about is "Bond Multiplication".

We have had it in the salon since we heard the 'talk' around 2 months ago and have seen the most extraordinary results!

When you colour hair (or shampoo & blow wave for that matter) it starts to break down the bonds and amino acids that keep hair intact. 

Billed as a two-step process to rebuild and perfect the hair’s bonds, pH-Bonder allows us to colour hair with less damage -- which is why it has become something of a holy grail to hairstylists worldwide. 

In-Colour Upgrade:

Here's the process: Redken's pH-Bonder's Bond Multiplier is mixed with the colour to enter the hair strand while it is processing. Then, immediately after rinsing, pH-Bonder's Bond Perfector goes on. 

The dual application of colour and pH-Bonder stops breakage in its tracks.

Step one goes directly into the colour.

The entire treatment works so seamlessly with any normal colour service (formulate, apply, process, wash) you will barely knew it was happening. 

No extra work required!

Bond Perfector coming up!

After the rinse and Bond Perfector (around 8 minutes), the hair is shampooed and conditioned as normal

As soon as your hair is dried you can see the difference!

So strong and yet soft and SO shiny!!!!

pH-Bonder with increase the effectiveness of all other salon services (like Keratin Complex, Thermal straightening or Permanent Wave) PLUS it can be used as a stand alone treatment at any time to strengthen and rebuild broken bonds

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