Redken Chemistry Treatment System October 18, 2016 14:50


Find your hair dry? Straw-like texture? Lifeless? Brittle?
If you said, “yes!” to any or all of these questions, the CAT is for you!
CAT stands for Cystaic Acid Treatment. It is designed to equalize the porosity within each hair strand by packing it full of concentrated protein. Protein makes up 80% of your hair structure, making it the most vital aspect of your hairs health.
By equalizing the porosity using CAT, you will add strength to your hair, allow colour to take more evenly from root to end, and allow hair to be lightened more evenly with less damage, as well as, replace and repair broken protein bonds.

Redken has designed CAT in a very unique way. After shampooing, towel dry your hair and spray CAT throughout. Once you’ve done this, work the treatment into your hair …here’s the cool part…if it does NOT create a light lather, your hair has already absorbed the CAT protein because of the amount of deficiency in the hair. But, don’t fret! Leave on for a few minutes and reapply. You can reapply up to 3 times until you start to get a lather. That’s how you know you have a sufficient amount of protein in your hair, leaving it soft, strong and shiny once dry.

Redken Chemistry Treatments are intense, customisable treatments that target the individual concerns of your hair.
Whether you need an extra dose of moisture or colour protection or a treatment to provide strength, softness, or control, a Chemistry Treatment offers outstanding nourishment for your hair.

The Chemistry Treatment in salon regime delivers an exponential amount of concentrated necessities to allow for great, long-lasting results. Deep into the cortex (inner layer) of each hair strand the Chemistry System offers 4 different treatments that can be used alone, or with another.

How do they work?
We have four “shots” that can be blended for truly personalized solutions:

The Extreme Shot is for color distressed hair and fine hair. It fortifies chemically distressed hair and helps reinforce the internal fiber.

Contains: Active 18-MEA: Protects hair's natural shine. Ceramide: Strengthens the hair fiber to prevent breakage.

All Soft Shot is for dry/brittle hair and provides intense softness, strength and replenishment to restore silkiness and shine.

Cotains: Active Moisturiser: Replenishes natural shine, keeping hair moist and soft. Argan Oil: Penetrates hair fiber to be silkier and shinier with an intense softness.

Color Extend Shot is for guests with bright color treated hair. It is made up of a concentration of ceramides, minerals, ion blockers and UV filters that help defend haircolor from fading.

Contains: Active UVA & UVB filters: Offers anti-fade protection. Cranberry Oil: Moisturizes and conditions hair. Ceramide: Strengthens the hair fiber to prevent breakage.

Last but not least, our newest edition to the Chemistry family, our Volume Shot. Designed for fine, limp hair, this shot phase uses filoxane to make each hair strand appear thicker, giving an all over fuller look.

Contains: a concentrated dose of professional strength 10% filloxane

After the Shot Phase sits for a few minutes, the 3.5pH or 5.5pH Phix Phase is applied to bring the hair back to it’s proper pH level allowing the cuticle layer to seal and lock in all the nutrients.
Each treatment also has a corresponding take-home regimen so you can maintain the incredible results after you leave the salon.

Who is Chemistry for?
Redken Chemistry deep conditioning treatments are perfect for hair that is distressed and damaged. The treatment can repair stress caused by overuse of chemical services such as haircolor, lightening, perming or straightening as well as damage caused by normal wear and tear from blow-drying, curling and flat irons, and every day brushing.


Extreme Strength Builder Plus Fortifying Hair Mask

This strengthening hair mask provides deep conditioning and strengthens hair from the inside out for increased control and manageability. It restores internal strength and shine leaving hair with increased control and manageability.

All Soft Heavy Cream

Deep conditioning mask treatment delivers intense moisture to ultimately soften and control frizz. Intensely softens and controls frizz Strengthens and provides maximum replenishment Increases manageability, movement and shine

Color Extend Magnetics Deep Attraction Mask

Strengthens the hair fiber and strands with intense replenishment, leaving hair feeling softer, smoother and more fortified. Contains Zinc Gluconate, known for its color retention properties.

Frizz Dismiss Mask Intensive 

Intensive anti-humidity hair smoothing rinse-out treatment that provides humidity protection and smoothing. Provides intense nourishment to sensitized, unruly, frizz-prone hair Provides smoothness and manageability


Extreme Length Professional Preservation Service Redken’s Extreme Length products blend our signature proteins with biotin to help hair achieve its maximum length—up to 6” in a year—by preventing breakage.

Frizz Dismiss Professional Smoothing Service
Offers you a unique smoothing service that helps control frizz.
A new heat-activated formula nourishes the hair fiber to provide smoothness until the next shampoo. • High level of durability and smoothness • Olive, coconut and almond oils moisturize and condition • Heat activated polymers for sleek results