Senior Hairdresser: Riti Machado May 22, 2018 12:47

I'm from the city of Porto Alegre in the southern region of Brazil. 

At the age of 18 I got my first job in a beauty salon was as receptionist, I loved to see the staff creating and clients leaving looking and feeling beautiful, so I started offering to wash hair, applying product, sweeping floors... and suddenly I realised that I loved doing it.

To get in to the industry I learned how to do manicures and waxing, then later I trained in eyelashes and eyebrows and to add to my skills took a course in micro-pigmentation so that my clients could leave with the most amazing perfect brows

After a year of makeup, manicures & eyelashes & brows I decided that I wanted to be an actual hairdresser so I went and studied some more and I fell in love…with HAIR

I absolutely love both colouring and cutting, (and brows) but really it really is all about listening to what my clients really want. What matters most to me is that they experience their beauty on the inside and out.

I still love all the elements of beauty but I realise that hairdressing is what I want to do. And now I gets to be myself and to be creative every day as a Morgan & Morgan Hair Collective Senior Hairdresser.

My calm and laid-back persona compliments my abilities as a stylist. Not only am I a whiz with the brushes (you should see the things I can achieve with just a brush and a blow dryer...its a Brazilian thing) but I also have a sharp, expert cutting technique.

Hairdressing is about so much more than hair, it’s about learning what clients love and what they hate, what makes them feel good, what their lifestyle is like… all in about 10 minutes. If a client wants to go from blonde to dark brown, I want to know why, because the “why” is just as big a part of the story as the “what”, and they’re both key to making sure my clients leave with hair that looks good, and makes them feel great.

My clients can expect from me an approach that is 100% professional, I am very committed to my work, always seeking to get as close to perfection as possible. I aim to create a bond of friendship with each client, because I know that besides helping them with their external beauty, we also move their ego and self esteem. 
For me, the well-being of my client is my priority.