Treat Your Hair Right May 6, 2019 12:03

It goes without saying that condition is one of the most important elements to having beautiful manageable enviable hair

Over the past decade we have seen huge technological advances in hair repair that offers solutions to anyone who feels a need to put back what natural wear'n'tear, ageing, over-styling, straightening and colouring takes out.

Our treatments for rebonding,  repairing, glossing, hydrating or soothing really do change the quality of your hair, for good. We adopt a holistic approach to hair care - taking into account what your hair needs internally as well as externally to look and feel its absolute best. 

Do you have chemical damage caused by coloring, perming or straightening or mechanical damage caused by blow-drying, flat irons or curling irons?


It's time to experience Schwarzkopf Professional's most powerful repair performance ever! The Triple Bonding and C21 Technology within BC Fibre Clinix, combined with a new range of ultra-concentrated Boosters, allows hairdressers to create bespoke, hyper-customised salon services for their clients. 

The new haircare revolution fundamentally transforms the hair fibre back to its perfect healthy virgin properties, providing 10x stronger hair*, complete sealing of hair porosity and 60 days of inner and outer hair restoration


Is your hair damaged either from chemical exposure or due to heat appliances and lifestyle, plus is is lacking shine and softness?


The Heatcure Professional in-salon service prestores the look and feel of damaged hair as the specialized formula with caring agents penetrates deep through the hair’s cuticle up to the cortex—leading to restorative results that can last up to 10 washes. #heatcure

Is your hair weakened, prone to splitting and colour fade?  Are you looking for a change of colour or just wanting to ensure maximum hair strength?


This innovative new technology will absolutely prevent hair breakage breakage.
Helps protect bonds during technical services to keep fibers strong from within. 
Helps restore the hair structure and smoothes hair’s cuticle for improved strength, shine and softness during/after technical services. 
Lighten with out damage, colour with less fade, toners are more even, perms have more energy and smoothing services and straightening is more effective.
Helps reduce breakage for increased strength Improves elasticity Provides touchable smoothness and adds visible shine
The Stand Alone Fibreplex Treatment can be done at any time and will leave the hair stronger and softer all at the same time!

Is your hair weakened, prone to splitting and damaged and in need of an intense shot of strength?

Intense Rx Ionic Restructuring

A protein restructuring treatment for fragile and damaged hair with 25% pure protein
Rebuilds the hair's strength, returns elasticity and reduces breakage

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Is your hair fluffy, frizzy, lacking in shine and in need of taming? 

Keratin Complex Express Blow Out

An intense protein reconstructive treatment that smoothes and heals the surface of the hair for strength, reduced frizz and improved manageability 

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Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy

This revolutionary smoothing system infuses Keratin deep into the hair cuticle, eliminating up to ninety-five percent of frizz and leaving the hair strong smooth, shiny and luxurious

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