Microblading: Eyebrow Enhancing

It doesn't matter if you like them arched and feathered or straight and bold, eyebrows are arguably the most important facial feature. If you're not satisfied with the ones you have, there are so many ways to update them, including brow gel, pencils, and even tattooing. But now there's a very natural option that delivers semi-permanent results...we'd like to introduce you to microblading.

Unlike the sometimes Sharpie-esque effects of permanent makeup, microblading is more of an embroidery of trompe l'œil strokes that look just like real hairs.

Microblading is a manual cosmetic tattooing technique that provides the look of natural brow hair.

A semi-permanent makeup method of drawing eyebrows where pigment insertion is done with micro blades, it simulates the natural look of hairs with various lengths and densities.

This technique does not use a machine. A hand held pen like tool with fine needles enables us to etch and mimic fine hair like strokes versus a more harsh block tattoo result.

Hairs are drawn shallow in the skin with special blades, by hand. Due to this specific method, the natural look of eyebrows is achieved easily. Rather than filling in the entire shape of the eyebrow with pigment (felt pen effect), hairs are skilfully drawn in their natural growth direction.

The ensuing result is also not as permanent as with a life span of 12 - 18 months. The idea is that this is a more regular maintenance service where you may get the colour refreshed between 6 – 12 months to keep your brows looking their best. The only similarity between our microblading and tattooing is pigment is deposited into your skin.– but that is where all similarities end. You should be aware that pigment may always remain in your skin and that result are completely individual.

With this technique we do not want to achieve the effect of evening makeup, but rather to correct imperfections and enhance your natural look.

We recommend this to men and women who want to restore their eyebrows to their best possible and natural form.


A younger appearance

Less time spent filling in brows

Creates symmetry and consistency to the brow

Immediate and long lasting results


Brow Microblading Consultation (30mins) Includes colour consultation

Brow Feathering 1st & 2nd Session (2 sessions required)
Includes topical anaesthetic