Our Services


Cutting & Styling

Morgan & Morgan offers 3-4 pricing levels, based on experience and client demand for individual hairdressers. The upper tier of pricing represents our most qualified stylists with over 15 years of experience. The lower tiers represents the fully qualified younger stylists on our team

Prices Senior Stylist Master Stylist Director
Ladies Cut & Blow wave (allow 45 mins) $95 $105 $120
Mens Cut & Blow wave (allow 45 mins) $75 $85 $90
School Student Girls Cut & Blow wave $75 $75 $115
School Student Boys Cut & Blow wave $65 $65 $90
Children $55 $55 N/A



If you’re after new, beautiful hair colour you need genuine, passionate and highly trained colour experts

We have colourists of varying experience to cater to every taste and budget, but rest assured all our team has completed our Elite Specialist Program, providing quality of work second to none.

Master Senior
Partial Foils (with pH-Bonder)  $135 $120
1/2 Head  Foils (with pH-Bonder)  $165 $155
3/4 Head  Foils (with pH-Bonder)  $185 $170
Full Head Foils (with pH-Bonder) 90-min  $225 $205
Ombre, Balayage, Free Hand Colour (with pH-Bonder) & Glaze  $245 $225
Multi shade (colour around foils)  $40 $40
Permanent Retouch   $125 $110
Permanent Full Head (with pH-Bonder)  $155 $140
Glaze  $30 $30
City Beats  $65 $65
Demi Permanent (with pH-Bonder)  $100 $95
Bleach & Tone Retouch (with pH-Bonder)  $190 $175
Bleach & Tone Full Head (with pH-Bonder) 90-min  $235 $215
* Long Thick surcharge (for extra colour & time) $30 $39

Blow Dry After Colour

At Morgan & Morgan you will receive a complimentary 10-minute finishing dry-off with all colour services. If you wish for a full professional blow-dry after your colour service you will be booked in accordingly, and will receive your professional blow-dry for just $45.

Please note: Some hair types, such as curly, heavily textured, and relaxed hair cannot be effectively blown-out in 10 minutes. In such cases it is better to leave the hair to dry naturally, and, as such, we cannot offer our complimentary blow-out as this will affect the integrity of your hair. Of course if you wish to book a full professional blow-dry we will make you look stunning.