BC Excellium Plumping Spray


Plumping Conditioning Spray

BC EXCELLIUM Plumping with Q10+ Collagen

For fine & colored mature hair

BC EXCELLIUM Plumping with Q10 and Collagen offers a full care range for fine mature hair. The plumping range:

  • Bodifies, refills and strengthens limp hair
  • Helps to preserve color
  • Helps to improve elasticity and support shape
  • Energizes the hair roots for re-plumped hair

Benefit: BC EXCELLIUM Plumping Conditioning Spray restores the youthfulness of fine mature hair while preserving hair color. It conditions while adding body to fine or thinning hair. Hair feels full of strength and vitality.

How to use: Shake well, apply intensively from roots to ends of towel-dried hair. Comb through for an even distribution. Leave in. Style as desired

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