We want you to love your hair

Hair happiness is our mission!

At Morgan & Morgan, we have a philosophy (and a mission) to play our part in ensuring our clients look and feel their best 24/7 because we know that when you look good, you feel great and your hair is your best and most easily managed accessory

We believe don’t sell a product or a service…in fact we don’t even sell an experience, what we sell is long-term well-being…not “how did you feel ‘today’ in the salon, but how effective are we at ensuring you look and feel amazing every day!

So, what does it take…

First, and most importantly you need someone who cares enough and asks the right questions to find out what your “Dream Hair” is?

Part of this is ensuring you get haircut that works with your hairs’ natural texture and is manageable, fashionable and works for your style sense as well as your lifestyle

In most cases this will be enhanced with a colour that works with your natural base, texture and maintenance needs, not to mention your fashion aesthetic

But there is more to amazing hair than a great cut and colour

You need knowledge to style & care for your hair at home, so our commitment is to education, information and understanding

It goes without saying that condition is one of the most important elements to having beautiful manageable enviable hair, so we are responsible for sharing all the relevant information and updating you with the latest technologies 

We know you need the confidence that you will be able to maintain your hair at home, so we will give you advice on how to get the best out of your and understand why products and tools will help you 

We want you to have No “Bad Hair days” so we need a plan for 5-8 weeks to maintain your perfect haircut and colour

Our commitment to all our salon guests is that we give you our combined knowledge, training and expertise to ensure that you leave us looking amazing and that you have everything you need to manage your hair every day

Your Takapuna hair salon committed to your looking and feeling great every day!

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