Hair Treatments

It goes without saying that condition is one of the most important elements to having beautiful manageable enviable hair

Over the past decade we have seen huge technological advances in hair repair that offers solutions to anyone who feels a need to put back what natural wear'n'tear, ageing, over-styling, straightening and colouring takes out.

Our treatments for rebonding,  repairing, glossing, hydrating or soothing really do change the quality of your hair, for good.

We adopt a holistic approach to hair care - taking into account what your hair needs internally as well as externally to look and feel its absolute best.  


We love your hair so much so that we use FibrePlex Bond Multiplication technology into our hair colour services "Every Colour Service, Every Time"

This treatment not only prevents damage, but lowers the pH of the products being used,  restoring your hair to its natural state. Bond Multiplication technology leaves your hair with incredible shine and feeling super strong, healthy and in great condition.

There is no additional charge for this service, Bond Multiplier is included in all our colour processing


If your hair is high risk or already damaged we can add another layer of protection into your colour service with Epres

Epres Bond Repair Treatment is a specially formulated treatment designed to repair and strengthen hair bonds, leaving your locks feeling healthy, strong, and silky smooth. Say goodbye to breakage and split ends and hello to hair that's full of life and shine.

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Upon selection of a masque tailor-made to suit the needs of your hair enjoy a 10 minute scalp massage. 


Two options, Instant treatment for time poor clients or deluxe version for the ultimate in relaxation

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Combining highly performing customized ingredients with an irresistible scalp massage, this is an essential hair beauty treatment that promotes hair vitality.
This experience includes a full digital scalp analysis and then a traditional Japanese Head Spa with the master of the art, master stylist Koji Hirota
Experience the exclusive fusion of scalp wellbeing and cutting-edge techniques as you book an appointment at our sought-after sanctuary. Unlock the secret to radiant hair and a revitalised scalp, and embark on a truly exceptional journey towards ultimate rejuvenation

The 'head spa' originated in Japan, where it has become a tradition for deep cleansing and relaxation from a unique scalp massage. The result is that it helps improve your scalp and hair's overall well-being and health.

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 Escape into a world of pure relaxation and rejuvenation with this exclusive head spa ritual.

Indulge in the ultimate pampering experience that will leave you feeling refreshed, energised, and ready to take on the day.

This service is all about relaxation and does not include a digital scalp analysis



For damaged and over processed hair, this salon-exclusive treatment featuring a long-lasting rebonding system that intensively recovers the integrity of the hair, for virgin quality for up to 60 days.

Used in combination, this intensive reconstructing formula deeply reconstructs, recreates missing bonds in the inner hair matrix and seals each individual hair strand for 10x more resistance to breakage 

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As a dedicated in-salon care service for all hair types, the Detoxifying System uses a shot of Vitamin C, freshly mixed with the Keratin Restore Bonding Mask to:
Sweep away hard water minerals and other residues
Strengthen the hair from the inside out
Recover brightness and shine with pure Vitamin C
After deeply detoxing, hair is left instantly refreshed with restored health and shine.

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A protein restructuring treatment for fragile and damaged hair with 25% pure protein
Rebuilds the hair's strength, returns elasticity and reduces breakage

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EBO Keratin Express Blow Out

Express service for anyone looking to smooth the hair, reduce curl while increasing manageability and de-frizzing for up to 6 weeks

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Hair Controller includes active, acidic ingredients that soften the disulfide bonds, allowing you to reshape and change hair texture using heat activated tools.
Free from harsh & toxic ingredients.
No damage No restrictions
Safe for all hair types - including coloured and chemically-treated.
You can color hair same day after service is complete.
Wear your hair how you like it the same day - ponytails, braids, or clips.
Work out or shampoo same day.
Hair is resistant to sweat, humidity and extreme temperatures.
Free to take a dip in the pool or ocean without compromising the effects of the treatment.

With 3 different versions that cover almost any hair type, provides permanent results, rich in conditioning and gloss ingredients, leaves the hair shiny insanely soft with eye-opening radiant results, it’s the ultimate smoothing treatment.

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Alterna Essential Mask Therapy $25
Japanese Head Spa & Blow Wave $188
topdrop hairapy $25
topdrop deluxe hairapy $35
Fibre Clinix Hair Regeneration Ritual  $40
BlondeMe Detox $50
Epres Power Repair $45
Intense Rx Ionic Restructuring with Blow Wave $145
EBO Express Blow Out Keratin Treatment $165 to $325
Qiqi Vega Curls Just Wanna Have Fun $200 to $280
Qiqi Vega Reclaiming My Time $250 to $325
Qiqi Vega Give It To Me Straight $350 to $450