Ask the Experts: How to Repair Damaged Hair July 19, 2018 16:17

For extremely damaged & over-processed hair Fibre Force offers a new dimension in hair regeneration thanks to the introduction of Bond Connector Technology; a combination of 2 complexes that deeply reconstruct and seal each individual hair strand for virgin hair quality and 10x more resistance to breakage

Inner bond regeneration, instantly recreates the function of missing di-sulphide bonds in the hair matrix and refills the hair from the inside out.

Hair surface laminating shield prolongs the salon results by sealing the cuticle and locking the active ingredients inside for long-lasting results.


As part of the Strong Bonds innovation, the Hair Regeneration Ritual offers the first strengthening regime with Bond Connector Technology, available exclusively in-salon and with a home-care regimen.

The BC Fibre Force range is used in 4 steps; rebonding, fixing, sealing and prolonging hair bonds to provide increased resistance to breakage even on the most over-processed or damaged hair.

Hair Regeneration Ritual is salon-exclusive pre-shampoo treatments featuring a long-lasting rebonding system that intensively recovers the integrity of the hair, for virgin quality for up to 60 days.

When used in combination, BC Fibre Force Bond Connector Infusion and BC Fibre Force Bonding Cream deliver a highly efficient concentration of Bond Connector Technology. This intensive reconstructing formula recreates missing bonds in the inner hair matrix to recover the hair strength & integrity long-lastingly.