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Ask the Experts: To cover or not to cover...the grey dilemma March 6, 2023 13:53

So, you've spotted your first grey hair - welcome to the club! It's a rite of passage, a sign of wisdom and experience, and a reminder that you're a vibrant human being. Like laugh lines, grey hair is a totem of a life well-lived.

But we know that you might still have some questions about this touchy subject, and that's why we've enlisted the help of the fabulous salon owner and colourist Jennifer Morgan to share her knowledge and thoughts.

Hair Myths September 2, 2015 10:47

You may think you know all you need to about your hair… you deal with it every day and it seems to be very much alive, but a lot of what we think we understand is based on here-say, old wives tales and urban legend
Let's have a little look at this remarkable fibre that we so often take for granted and try and see if we can bust a few myths