Japanese Head Spa Experience March 3, 2024 12:30

Just so we’re clear: It’s not our fault if a Japanese Head Spa becomes your next salon obsession.

In case you’ve never experienced it, a Head Spa is a well-known Japanese treatment that basically looks after your scalp as carefully as if it were your face.

Self care’s stronghold on society has imparted untold benefits to our skin, with practices like masking and dry brushing honing in on everything from complexions to cellulite.

But why stop at the forehead? A popular Japanese treatment known as “head spa” is easing into New Zealand and is making scalp treatments as luxurious and ubiquitous as getting a facial.


It works like this:

The private head spa rooms at Morgan & Morgan Hair Collective feature cushy ergonomic recliners (that include a fully body massage) and extend flat with one’s hair draped into the sink.

A our talented Senior Stylist Kouji, will use a specialist camera to analyse your needs and then your hair and scalp are meticulously cleansed with a rhythmic and calculated Japanese shampoo technique and then massaged from forehead down the neck

The scalp is similar to other skin areas on the body, yet has a specific microbiome that makes it a unique ecosystem. When imbalanced, it gives way to scalp dysfunctions.

For the Japanese Head Spa treatments we use Teknia Scalp Care, a range born out of the philosophy of better understanding the direct relationship between the scalp and hair. Harmony between the skin and its microbiota is essential to a healthy scalp and hair. The service is customised  to personalise just for you from the 4 pillars…Detox, Pure, Vital & Relief

Combining highly performing customized ingredients with an irresistible scalp massage, this is an essential hair beauty treatment that promotes hair vitality.

The massaging techniques that head spas use not only work the product into the hair but it also gently presses pressure points which stimulates blood flow and encourages lymphatic drainage. So while the cleanser is cleansing your scalp, the massaging stimulates and encourages a healthy scalp. Just try not to fall asleep which many people find to be difficult.

We also offer a relaxation version for anyone looking to promote overall hair and scalp well-being without the scalp analysis…this is ideal if you want to take a moment for yourself but do not have any specific scalp challenges.

To complete your experience the team will style (or Cut & Style) your hair to perfection to ensure you leave the salon feeling like a new person.

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With the Japanese earning a reputation for commitment to hard work, it’s easy to see why the head spa ritual has become popular there for its stress-busting benefits. It’s such a relaxing experience and acupressure is key sending signals from your head down to other parts of the body to unwind. “Five minutes of a scalp massage is the equivalent of an hour long body massage.

Just $188 for the Japanese Head Spa with Scalp Analysis & Blow Wave (allow 90 minutes)  or $153 with your salon service

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For a Japanese Relaxation Head Spa with Emily or Georgia your investment is $125


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