Inject some colour in your life

If you’re after new, beautiful hair colour you need genuine, passionate and highly trained colour experts

Whether you want the latest techniques, a soft balayage, a head full of highlights or just to touch up your roots, we will fulfil your colour dreams.

We love your hair so much so that we have introduced Bond Multiplication technology (pH-Bonder or FibrePlex) into our hair colour services "Every Colour Service, Every Time"
This revolutionary additive prevents internal & external hair damage that can occur whilst colouring and lightening your hair.
This treatment not only prevents damage, but lowers the pH of the products being used,  restoring your hair to its natural state.
Bond Multiplication technology leaves your hair with incredible shine and feeling super strong, healthy and in great condition.
As one of our guests who have experienced this treatment said "my hair feels like it did before I started colouring it, I love it !"


We have colourists of varying experience to cater to every taste and budget, but rest assured all our team has completed our Elite Specialist Program, providing quality of work second to none.


Jennifer Morgan

With years of diverse experience, our Color Director brings innovative trends and fashion-forward artistry to the salon.

Not only a leader in the salon but also within the industry, developing techniques and ideas to inspire and educate not just the M2 team, but hairdressers throughout New Zealand.

Responsible for the creative direction of the color team, offering on-going mentoring and technique training. 


 Tanya Colman, Casey Kenny, Steve Morgan, Erin Beech

With a minimum of 6 years of experience on the salon floor and considered to be industry experts, our Master Colorists can create multi-dimensional blondes, traffic stopping reds and rich chocolate brunettes and complex color corrections.

With a variety of techniques, they are able to create customised color that is always fresh, vibrant and youthful and will further accentuate their client’s features and suit their lifestyles.


Eleanor Mendey

With at least 3 years of salon hair colour experience our seniors have received advanced training in all aspects of hair color. Knowing that fabulous hair color doesn’t come by and our senior colourists achieve truly spectacular hair results through their attention to detail and creativity. 


This level of colourist is subject to availability

Current Unavailable

A New Talent Colourist are a great choice for budget-minded guests seeking high-quality service. They have passed all their in-salon assessments and they are perfecting their skills in the art and science of hair colour, but are by no means inexperienced! 

New Talent Colourists have been fully trained by the experienced team of Jennifer Morgan, Erin Beech & Tanya Colman and have a complete understanding of the art and science, but have been colouring just a year or two.

* New Talent Colourists appointments are subject to availability and can sometime take a little longer than regular colour appointments  

Blow Dry Policies

At Morgan & Morgan you will receive a complimentary 10-minute finishing dry-off with all colour services. If you wish for a full professional blow-dry after your colour service you will be booked in accordingly, and will receive your professional blow-dry for just $45.

Please note: Some hair types, such as curly, heavily textured, and relaxed hair cannot be effectively blown-out in 10 minutes. In such cases it is better to leave the hair to dry naturally, and, as such, we cannot offer our complimentary blow-out as this will affect the integrity of your hair. Of course if you wish to book a full professional blow-dry we will make you look stunning.