Price List

Morgan & Morgan offers 3-4 pricing levels, based on experience and client demand for individual hairdressers. The upper tier of pricing represents our most qualified stylists with over 15 years of experience. The lower tiers represents the younger stylists on our team


If you’re after new, beautiful hair colour you need genuine, passionate and highly trained colour experts
Whether you want the latest techniques, a soft balayage, a head full of highlights or just to touch up your roots, we will fulfil your colour dreams.

We love your hair so much so that we have introduced Bond Multiplication technology into our hair colour services 

This revolutionary additive prevents internal & external hair damage that can occur whilst colouring and lightening your hair.

Bond Multiplication technology leaves your hair with incredible shine and feeling super strong, healthy and in great condition.

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PRICE LIST Directors Masters Seniors Emerging Talent 
Partial Foils (with Bond Multiplication technology) $165 $155 $145 $125
1/2 Head  Foils (with Bond Multiplication technology) $195 $185 $175 $165
3/4 Head  Foils (with Bond Multiplication technology) $215 $205 $195 $175
Full Head Foils (with Bond Multiplication technology) $255 $245 $235 $215
Ombre, Balayage, Free Hand Colour (with Bond Multiplication technology) & Tonal Glaze $280 $265 $255 $235
Multi shade (colour around foils) $45 $45 $45 $45
Permanent Retouch  $140 $130 $120 $110
Permanent Full Head (with Bond Multiplication technology) $180 $170 $160 $150
Tonal Glaze $45 $45 $45 $45
Dry Toner $70 $70 $70 $70
Chroma ID $95 $95 $95 $95
Demi Permanent (with Bond Multiplication technology) $140 $130 $120 $110
Bleach & Tone Retouch (with Bond Multiplication technology) & Tonal Glaze $220 $210 $200 $190
Bleach & Tone Full Head (with Bond Multiplication technology) & Tonal Glaze $300 $285 $275 $265
Bleach & Tone Long Hair (with Bond Multiplication technology) & Tonal Glaze $375 $360 $350 $340
* Extra Colour surcharge  $40 $40 $40 $40
Blow Wave after Colour $50 $50 $40 $40



A good haircut has the power to make you feel amazing, confident, and happy with life itself.

You need someone who cares enough and asks the right questions to find out what your “Dream Hair” is?

Part of this is ensuring you get haircut that works with your hairs’ natural texture and is manageable, fashionable and works for your style sense as well as your lifestyle

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Prices Directors Masters Seniors EmergingTalent
Ladies Cut & Blow wave (allow 60 mins) $145 $130 $110 $85
Mens Cut & Blow wave (allow 45 mins) $110 $100 $90 $65
School Student Girls Cut & Blow wave $145 $130 $80 $65
School Student Boys Cut & Blow wave $110 $100 $70 $55
Children (under 5 years) N/A N/A $60 $50
Blow Wave $70 $70 $60 $50
Blow Wave Plus $95 $95 $90 $85



It goes without saying that condition is one of the most important elements to having beautiful manageable enviable hair
We adopt a holistic approach to hair care - taking into account what your hair needs internally as well as externally to look and feel its absolute best. 

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FibreClinix Deluxe Ritual $40
Alterna Ritual $30
FibreForce Rebuild Ritual $50
Intense Rx Ionic Restructuring with Blow Wave $145
Japanese Head Spa
Express Blow Out
$170 - $350
Blow Wave After Treatment $50



Qiqi permanently changes the texture of your hair and treats as it does...with a completely new technology does not exist in any other product.

With 3 different versions to suit nearly all hair type, fighting the frizz has never been easier!

This in-salon professional hair smoothing treatment will give you healthy, strong, shiny hair that is both glossy and super soft. No matter if your hair is thin, damaged, curly, thick or afro.

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Curls Just Wanna Have Fun $200 - $280
Reclaiming My Time $250 - $325
Give It To Me Straight $350 - $450



If you have wild frizzy hair you want to tame or straight hair you want to curl...look no further

Straight Therapy: Long Lasting Straitness

An innovative, thermal straightening system, which achieves easy-to-style, poker-straight hair, with ultimate shine.
The success of Strait Styling Strait Therapy lies in the process and the harmonisation of active substances, which complement each other during the therapy treatment.
The technology of Strait Styling Strait Therapy shows significantly better results than ordinary straightening, guaranteeing easy to style, shiny hair every day

Looking for Curly Hair?

We offer a full range of permanent wave to create all types of curl from soft waves through to full-on curl.

Style Support  From $210
Wave From $225 - $355
Spiral From $390
Chemical Straightening  From $415 - $600



Showpony Professional tape-in hair extensions with superb hair colour accuracy from premium long-lasting, beautifully blended, top quality human hair

We are offering tape-in hair extensions that are very natural looking, come in a wide range of colours and do not damage your own hair. They can be coloured or toned to blend in with your own natural colour.

Show Pony Tape In Hair Extensions 1/4 head $315
Show Pony Tape In Hair Extensions 1/2 head $500
Show Pony Tape In Hair Extensions 3/4 head $680
Show Pony Tape In Hair Extensions Full head $880
Extra Hair $200 per packet
Refit & Move-Up Hair Extensions  From $260



The School Ball season is one of our most exciting times and we are busting full of creative ideas for your ultimate ball hairdo!!

School Ball Hair $120
School Ball Makeup $85
Cinderella Package (Hair & Makeup) $195



We understand that your wedding is one of the most special times of your life and we encourage you to come in for a obligation free consultation to discuss your expectations and your needs before you make any decisions. We have found through experience that bridal parties deserve a little extra time and TLC and we believe it is important for everyone involved that the experience is as enjoyable and as stress free as possible so we have allowed plenty of time in our packages

Bridal Hair $155
Bridesmaid Hair From $115


Other options are available without trials or if you are looking for a simple blow wave or hair-up here please contact us here for your options.