Control the Frizz with the latest technology from Qiqi Hair Controller February 12, 2022 10:46


QiQi Hair Controller

Qiqi permanently changes the texture of your hair and treats as it does...with a completely new technology does not exist in any other product.

With 3 different versions to suit nearly all hair type, fighting the frizz has never been easier!

Qiqi uses a proprietary technology that performs like a hybrid between keratin treatments and thermal straightening. Qiqi can be used to transform hair textures, support and complement existing salon services and replace older, harsh, alkaline technologies which damage hair and older treatments which last 2-3 months. Resistant to salt and chlorine, compatible with chemically treated hair, being able to colour hair immediately after treatment and the longevity of Qiqi is the start of a new era in hair smoothing and straightening.

This in-salon professional hair smoothing treatment will give you healthy, strong, shiny hair that is both glossy and super soft. No matter if your hair is thin, damaged, curly, thick or afro.

The best part with Qiqi is not only are there 3 formulas for different hair types and textures, there are 3 services we can offer:


Curls Just Wanna Have Fun

For clients looking to define natural curl and increase manageability while reducing frizz

Curly girls love their texture and want to rock the best version of their curls. Qiqi gives wavy, curly or coils their best life.


 Reclaiming My Time

For clients looking to smooth their hair and reduce curl while increasing manageability and de-frizzing

This is a service that is great for clients who want to regain control of their hair without making it overly straight. Retain body and volume, increase shine and manageability while eliminating frizz and moderate curl reduction. 


Give It To Me Straight

This is a service that is great for clients who want smoother straighter hair.

In the case of very curly or resistant hair two QiQi Give It to Me Straight services many be required 10-14 days apart to achieve the optimum level of control 

This is not a chemical straightening so you can expect hair that is easier to style, smoother and straighter than your natural hair...but you will still need to use a heat appliance (blow wave or iron) to achieve a super straight look.

These treatments will not only transform the style of the hair but will also simultaneously revitalize and rejuvenate hair tresses.

QIQI is effective for nearly all hair types including tight curls, loose curls, wavy hair, and damaged hair. It will halve your blow-drying time and change your hair texture from wiry to soft, eliminating frizz along the way.


You will find these services under "PACKAGES" in our online booking service

✅ 100% formaldehyde-free.

✅ Highest quality ingredients.

✅ Safe acidic formulation.

(Vega will not damage hair.)

✅ Rejuvenates & revitalizes.

✅ Vegan Friendly. (No animal products like keratin or collagen )

✅ No smoke or chemical fumes



In preparation for your appointment, we just wanted to run you through some FAQs that might answer any questions before you get a chance to ask them!

1) Is QiQi a Keratin or a Straightening?

It’s neither, but a uses technology similar to both! QiQi sits on the cuticle of the hair, smoothing the hair shaft – Like a Keratin based treatment. Using organic compounds, it also penetrates the cortex of the hair, softening the disulphide bonds and reshaping them in a smoother, straighter line – similar to a straightening, but without the use of harsh chemicals which can compromise the condition.

2) Will I be able to wash and leave my hair?

Unfortunately - not usually. QiQi is a heat activated treatment, so if you’re still seeing frizz, wave or curl you’re going to need to apply heat to reactivate the smoothing process. The point of the service being that it’s not your usual 45mins + of blow drying and/or straightening your hair, a blast dry and stretch with your fingers should tame the beast!

3) How long will it last?

That’s a little up to us, a little up to you and a lot up to your hair.
For our part we will follow the rules meticulously to give you the best result possible.
For your part – Care for your new hair! Use ONLY the recommended haircare – It’s not an upsell: QiQi homecare contains the same active ingredients that are in the treatment itself. This helps to increase longevity and maintain your smooth flowing locks.
When it comes to your hair – Well if you’ve booked in for a Reclaim My Time/Give it to me Straight, then you probably already know that your hair is going to decide for itself. In spite of what either of us do ultimately your hair is going to react the way it wants to.
To give you a general guideline you should be able to expect 3 – 6 months from a “Reclaim My Time” and 5 – 12 months from a “Give it to me Straight”

4) What if it doesn’t work?

Unfortunately, no matter how thorough you are, hair that is particularly thick, curly or just naturally resistant will sometimes bounce back leaving more volume or curl than you’d hoped for. It’s not an unsurmountable problem but it will require a 2nd application. We’d recommend that you book in for approximately 7-14 days after your initial service. We understand that this isn’t ideal given the time and money you’ve already invested but the follow up visit will increase longevity and ensure the best result possible. 

Anything else you need to know? Any concerns? Not sure if QIQI is the right service for you?

Feel free to give us a call to discuss!