Ask The Experts: Five Ways to Update Your Hair Colour July 26, 2019 16:39

Looking for a new look? 

We asked new addition to the Morgan & Morgan team, Karl Mohring to give us his top colours to update your current hair colour for winter

There is an unlimited palette of colour available to us to create a wide range of looks to suit your mood and current trends.

Using the simple principles of the colour wheel alongside your natural hair colour and the tones of your skin and eyes as a colourist I have unprecedented freedom of expression to create a new look in any palette imaginable.

Here are five trends that are hot right now...but the possibilities are endless

Copper Coin

Copper catches your attention; it’s rare, and it’s hard to achieve a perfect tone. When it looks natural, it feels magical, majestic and etherial. If you had copper tones as a child that matured into brown, think about revisiting them; you might feel more yourself. The key to achieving the most natural reds is veering towards copper and gold. If you’re adding highlights, make sure they stay warm.

Assorted Chocolates

Brown is underrated and often overlooked, but not this year. If you’re a natural brunette with blonde envy, think again. Browns can be rich, subtle, and a warm welcome-home for you who yearn to return to your roots. Add any colour tones; red, blue, green, gold, purple, pink, and amber to lend depth, shimmer and fun.

Warm Blondes

Gold is the new platinum. Warm up this winter with buttery golds, creamy roses, or dusty beige that flatter in an earthier way than cool tones do – and they’re much easier to achieve and maintain. Your skin is a medley of colour, and your hair can be too.

In Love With Lilac

Summers vivid pinks are cooler this winter and are blooming in shades of periwinkle, lavender, and lilac, one of Pinterest’s top 100 trends of 2019. And when it fades – as all flowers must – your base may be neutral enough to take on another autumnal hue.

Creative Colour

Neon, pastel, bright, rainbow – we think we’ve seen it all, but there’s always something new in the realm of creative colour. But besides the actual pigment, creative placement allows you to express your wild side in an ever-wilder world.