Want to manage your hair with ease? Try EBO Express Blow Out Service March 3, 2022 11:17


Getting your ends cut more often than you want because you are fixated on the splits?

Tried and tried to grow your hair past your shoulders and it never seems to get any longer?

Spending way longer than you want (or have time for) styling your hair?

Dreading the summer humidity and the frizz that it creates on you head? 

Got a spare hour? Generally, an hour is all you need!

With longer hairstyles and the ombre colour trend, many clients are finding they need to visit the salon less often however smoothing and straightening treatments are continuing to grow in popularity.

The Keratin Permanent Blow Wave service infuses hair strands with keratin, which cuts up to 95% of frizz and unruly curls leaving hair silky and soft. Anyone who has ever tried to grow their fine hair and found that it never gets past a certain length is also going to see amazing benefits in their hairs strength (and therefore ability to grow) with this mega-treatment

The creators of the popular Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy launched a new express version that is cheaper, faster, and requires much less “downtime” than the original.

Keratin Complex’s Express Blow Out is a lighter take on their trademark treatment that leaves hair frizz-free for up to six weeks.

The service can be performed in just one hour instead of three, and you will be happy to know that you can shower just eight hours post-treatment instead of the challenging three days you have to hold out for the original.

And the best part: the Express Blow Out is about 35 percent cheaper than the original service, dependant on the length and texture of the hair being treated.

Frizz-beleaguered clients who are on a budget have been asking for something like this, and we understand that not everyone can spend $300-$500 on their hair. We don’t want them going down the street and getting some cheap one percent keratin knock-off. This quicker, shorter solution allows us to offer the same results for a lower price point

Your after-care will determine your results. If you’re an athletic type who is showering and washing your hair twice a day, the finish may last three weeks. But most can enjoy silky smooth locks for closer to six weeks.

But if you’re a fan of the original and its longer three month-long results, have no fear, will continue to be available in salon