What's happening with hair in 2024 January 31, 2024 09:08

As we head into 2024, we asked salon owner and Schwarzkopf National Ambassador Jennifer Morgan to shed some light on the hair colour and cut trends, and yes, chunky highlights are back! Here’s what you can expect…

The halo hairline is predicted to be huge this season. The hair colour trend is all about colouring your hairline and baby hairs a few shades lighter than your natural colour for a sun-kissed appearance.  A tint, which can be tailored to suit any shade of brunette, is used to soften the hairline instead.

Like the fashion trend, colour blocking hair pairs panels of opposing shades together to create the ultimate standout look.

“Colour blocking is a bold placement technique when sections or panels of hair are coloured in contrasting or complimentary colours,” explains Jennifer. “You can use any colour for colour blocking, but creating some contrast is key. While vivid colours are often used, this technique can be done with natural hair colours, too. For example, copper with chocolate brown looks lovely together.”

If you’ve ever thrown on a yellow top with purple pants only to be pleasantly surprised at how well they just go together, the same could be said for colour blocking hair. Certain combinations may catch you off guard, so be sure to gather some visual inspo to help steer you in the right direction

Mink shades can range from warm to cool with two underlying coloyrs: gray and lavender. Whether your formula veers to a warm grey or an ashed-out hue, this colour is beautifully suited for all ages.

Creating a lot of dimension without any visible blonde is key to creating this luxe colour. We will definitely need to brighten up areas of your hair to achieve the mink tones, but ensuring the toning formula fills any beachy blonde is the goal.

For the copper girlies wanting a change for the season, golden highlights are the way to go. To achieve the trending amber glow copper hair colour, Jennifer suggests the trick is to drop your highlights off the root for a more natural and softer grow out.

The recently-resurfaced Y2K aesthetic has definitely not died down, here's another reason to dust off your low-rise jeans. The infamous 1990s chunky highlights are back and, apparently, better than ever. The experts at Morgan & Morgan Hair Collective say a high-contrast blend of brunette and warm blonde will add depth and dimension to your natural hair colour, warming up your look for the hotter weather.

Looking for a bold, in-your-face color? Reds will continue to have their moment, the brighter, the better, like are-crimson velvet.  With reds, it’s always good to think of how it will connect with your skin tone and eye colour. A cool-toned red, for example, will complement someone with pink undertones, while a copper-toned red can make blue or green eyes shine

If you’re a big fan of the ‘90s supermodel blow out trend, then you’re going to love the Butterfly Cut trend. The butterfly cut traditionally has feathered ends, with shorter layers on top/around the crown, which are integrated and blended into longer layers on the bottom. This style creates a lot of texture and is generally rocked by those with longer hair. The hair style is made up of a combination of short and long layers to give off a butterfly wing-look whilst creating shape around your face – it’s a great way to create an illusion of fuller hair without sacrificing too much length. The best part? The butterfly cut works with all hair types.

As the name suggests, the box bob is simply a box-shaped bob – essentially, a softer version of the popular blunt bob made famous by celebrities like Hailey Bieber and Emma Chamberlain. The bob in question frames the face without the harsh lines of a more traditional blunt bob, plus it promises plenty of bounce! You’ll be thanking your future self while the weather is hot.

Jane Birkin was and still is an ultimate fashion muse, so it’s no surprise there’s a haircut trend named after her, and what’s more fitting than a wispy fringe trend? For the girls wanting a big change, this is your sign to get Jane Birkin fringe for summer. Not only are they easy to style, but they’re also light and wispy for the warmer season. They can be styled with or without a part in the middle.

Come in and see us to talk about how you can make one of these trends your own!