What's Hot This Winter May 28, 2024 11:57

We reached out to salon owner and Schwarzkopf National Ambassador Jennifer Morgan to share the hottest cut and color trends for winter 2024. Here’s what she had to say:

### 1. Bronde Blends

As summer fades, many are eager to transition from blonde to darker tones, a move that complements the colder weather and gives bleached hair a break. Jennifer predicts, "We'll see a lot of people shifting to richer, warmer brown shades like caramel, honey, or chestnut, adding warmth and dimension for the winter months." She highlights that a bronde blend is "ideal for brunettes and darker blondes to experiment with and can be fully customized to suit your features and hair type."

### 2. The Butterfly Cut Returns

Inspired by Matilda Djerf, the butterfly cut remains a fashionable choice. "The TikTok-trending butterfly cut is here to stay," says Jennifer. This style features "long layers and face-framing cuts," with longer layers at the back creating a fuller, thicker appearance. "Like the bob, this cut requires high maintenance, so consider your styling preferences."

### 3. Pink Hues

Pink hair cycles back into style every few years, and 2024 is no exception, influenced by the ’90s grunge revival seen on celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Rihanna. For those hesitant to fully commit, Jennifer suggests trying a pink toning Fab Pro conditioner. "It's a fun way to add fashion colors to your hair without a full transformation. For lived-in blondes, a pink toner will create a subtle pink gradient that fades with each wash."

### 4. Blunt Cut

For those with straight hair, the blunt cut is a simple, low-maintenance option. "A straight blunt cut will make your hair appear fuller and healthier. It looks super chic with shorter face-framing pieces and suits all hair colors and textures," says Jennifer. This cut remains stylish even as it grows out through winter.

### 5. Glossy Brunette

For a look that resembles glossy, melted dark chocolate, the 'glassy brunette' trend is perfect for winter. Jennifer recommends, "A quick gloss service to refresh your hair for winter, adding a glossy, glass-like finish that looks luxurious." This trend can be tailored to fit individual features and is low maintenance.

### 6. The Chic Bob

Bobs are making a big comeback in 2024, whether chin-length or shoulder-grazing. For a style similar to Zendaya or Hailey Bieber, Jennifer advises, "Work with your stylist to find the most flattering length and style for your features." She notes that while beautiful, bobs can be high maintenance, so it's crucial to find a cut that fits your lifestyle. Adding lowlights can enhance the dimension and fullness of the hair.

### 7. Beige Blonde

For blondes reluctant to leave behind their summer look, 'beige blonde' is the trend to try. Described by Jennifer as "warm, luxurious, and youthful," this shade offers a stylish alternative to the cooler blonde tones of summer. It suits existing blondes best, but brunettes can achieve this look with a lightening service followed by toning. "For blondes, a simple 15-minute gloss service can achieve this warm color," says Jennifer.

###8. Colour Blocking

Like the fashion trend, colour blocking hair pairs panels of opposing shades together to create the ultimate standout look. “Colour blocking is a bold placement technique when sections or panels of hair are coloured in contrasting or complimentary colours,” explains Jennifer. “You can use any colour for colour blocking, but creating some contrast is key. While vivid colours are often used, this technique can be done with natural hair colours, too. For example, copper with chocolate brown looks lovely together.”
If you’ve ever thrown on a yellow top with purple pants only to be pleasantly surprised at how well they just go together, the same could be said for colour blocking hair. Certain combinations may catch you off guard, so be sure to gather some visual inspo to help steer you in the right direction