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Once upon a time, in a small but cozy apartment nestled in the heart of Auckland, there lived a talented and passionate hairdresser named Jennifer.

When not busy in the salon Jennifer had always been fascinated by the art of jewellery-making and had a deep love for exploring new places and cultures. Her friends often marvelled at her knack for crafting beautiful pieces of jewellery by hand, each one infused with a unique blend of inspiration from her travels.

One sunny morning, as Jennifer was sipping on her cup of coffee and gazing out at the lush green landscape of her homeland, she had an epiphany. She realized that she could combine her two greatest loves—jewelry and travel—into something truly magical. And so, the idea for MADÉ was born.

MADÉ became a reflection of her boundless creativity and the joy she derived from crafting beautiful treasures for people to cherish. Jennifer decided to work exclusively with stainless steel, a metal that symbolised strength and resilience to her, much like the diverse cultures she had encountered on her journeys.

Her first collection was inspired by her travels to Türkiye, where she had been captivated by the intricate patterns of the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. Each piece in this collection was an ode to the vibrant colors and geometric designs that had danced before her eyes in the bustling marketplaces of the city. The result was a series of stunning stainless necklaces, all adorned with exquisite Turkish-inspired motifs.

But Jennifer's wanderlust did not stop in Turkey. Her next collection drew from the vivid colors and lively culture of Mexico. She remembered the bustling streets of Mexico City, the intricate Day of the Dead celebrations, and the breathtaking Mayan ruins she had explored. This collection featured pieces with bold and vibrant enamel finishes, capturing the essence of Mexico's rich traditions.

As her jewelry brand grew, Jennifer couldn't help but add elements inspired by her adventures in America and Asia. Her designs embodied the diverse landscapes, cultures, and experiences she had encountered on her journeys. Each piece was meticulously handcrafted, making no two items alike. MADÉ jewelry was not just an accessory; it was a piece of Jennifer's heart, a tangible reminder of her wanderlust and her love for creating beautiful things.

MADÉ is gaining a devoted following, not just for its unique designs but for the passion and personal touch that Jennifer poured into every piece. People from all around the world admired her jewellery, and Jennifer's brand hopes to be a bridge connecting cultures and inspiring others to embrace their own wanderlust.

And so, Jennifer's jewellery brand MADÉ begins to thrive, a testament to the power of creativity, travel, and the joy of making something unique for people to love. It is a brand that celebrated the world's diversity and the beauty that could be found in every corner of the globe, all while rooted in the heartfelt craftsmanship of Aotearoa


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