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School Balls

The School Ball season is one of our most exciting times and we are busting full of creative ideas for your ultimate ball hairdo!!
With crimps, braids, avant garde shapes and new textures, it's all about having fun with hair and getting a new take on the traditional!! We have plenty of inspiration at hand to help you create a look that will guarantee you “Belle of the Ball!”
We offer a full range of up styling services and also have makeup artists in the house for ball season!
But beware, our styling team are hot property and their appointments for these events fill up quick so make sure you get in early!


School Ball Hair $120
School Ball Makeup $85
Cinderella Package (Hair & Makeup) $195


We understand that your wedding is one of the most special times of your life and we have several options available to suit your wedding style, your budget and your needs.

Please see our wedding prices below, however we encourage you to come in for a obligation free consultation to discuss your expectations and your needs before you make any decisions. We have found through experience that bridal parties deserve a little extra time and TLC and we believe it is important for everyone involved that the experience is as enjoyable and as stress free as possible so we have allowed plenty of time in our packages


Bridal Hair $155
Bridal Makeup $105
Bridesmaid Hair From $115
Bridesmaid Makeup From $85

Other options are available without trials or if you are looking for a simple blow wave or hair-up here please contact us here for your options.


Going somewhere special? Get a new look, experiment with something different or just stay with the look you’re familiar with. Whether you need a colour update or makeup for a special occasion – our artists cater to all your make-up needs.

Walk away with refreshing new makeup & a detailed face chart that describes how that look was achieved.


Considering the majority of us wear makeup, most women start in their teens, and learn from friends and magazines, often not knowing if the look really suits them personally. Most women are looking for a few extra makeup skills...whether it's mastering foundation application for natural-looking coverage or keeping up with current eye makeup trends. Over the years, makeup is put on every day for work or special occasions, and some of us can feel stuck in a makeup rut with their look.
Is this you? What suits you at age 20 does not work at age 30, 40, 50, 60+ your makeup needs will change with your hair style/colour change, and your skin changes too. Find out from our professional makeup artists what suits you best, your personal makeup style, colours that suit your skin tone and hair colour. See how to update your look with current seasonal shades, and how to apply makeup to suit your individual face shape.
You may only wear a little makeup or a lot, we will show you your most flattering tones and style.


Makeup $70-$105
Lessons $85-130