Steve Morgan Co-Owner of Morgan & Morgan

Steve Morgan

Director Stylist & Colourist

Co-Owner & Founder of Morgan & Morgan Urban Retreat  

"I've always believed that in our roles as hairdressers we are many things to our clients.
Part style consultant, therapist, entertainer, friend and confidant.

I like to think that taking creating beautiful hair for our clients, we are adding to their daily lives in a very positive way. This privilege is a huge part of my motivation to get back into the salon.

Whether it be the perfect haircutor colour, a treatment or a style for a special occasion, we are able to make our clients feel special and comfortable with their individual look 

At the same time what we do is more than creating beautiful hair....
Building trust and friendships, sharing in the lives of the people we care for is for me very important.

With over 30 years of experience to offer, I believe in giving 100% of myself everyday to my clients.  One of my favorite things about our industry is creating connections with my clients while making them feel good about themselves with a fun and fabulous new hair style!"