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Express Hair Colour Service…Will You Be Part Of It?

Quick hair colour fixes…maximum impact without any fuss!

The innovative Express Color Menu offers hair colour appointments that perfect for those with a busy schedule, simply in need of a hair colour touch-up!

Working professionals can enjoy a fabulous new look on their lunch break, ladies can make their hair colour POP before a night out, and guys…you can be in and out without any fuss

Our Express Menu offers a plethora of no-fuss, affordable treatments, ranging from Root Rage for a targeted quick fix, to Top Coat for all-over lustre

All these colour services are designed as a quick touch-up, a pop of colour, an introduction to something new…but a consultation with one of our specialist coloursts will determine if they are right for you

Any these services can be booked with any of our New Talent or Senior colourists

If your roots can't wait until your next appointment then Root Rage is for you.

Let us touch up your colour, just on the hairline and over the parting and say goodbye to annoying regrowth



It's all about shine!

For gleam that rivals a starlet's smile, brush on a Vibrance gloss, ammonia-free topcoat. Create bright, fun vibrant hair that glistens in the sun



You don't always have to fill a head with fine foils to get brighter hair. Strategically placed to create maximum impact with a few well placed foils!

Custom designed to enhance your style...we will place up to 10 foils for maximum impact



Keep that summer feeling alive with this quick and easy free hand technique. Adds condition gloss & shine to the whole head while softly creating a few natural highlights

A few freehand strokes with the artists brush to accentuate the focal point of your style then glazed with a Vibrance gloss to create a diamond shine 



A sophisticated look for brunettes, combining a unique mix of caramel, toffee, amber, sand and deep oak to create a rich gorgeous colour that truly combines both chocolate and blonde 

Carefully placed for maximum impact with a freehand or foil technique (up to 8 foils) then glazed with Vibrance Gloss to create ultimate shine



10 minute service to camouflage grey hair or add colour and shine in just 10 minutes. CamoColor or Color-10 offer very natural looking low maintenance results with no visible lift or unnatural gold or red tones.



Create maximum impact with minimum effort and little or no maintenance. From the most subtle to the most dramatic results, under-colouring can bring you hair to life with dimension and shine

Under colouring works on the under most layers to give you a pop of colour from the inside out...either light or bright depending on your personal style



Everyone loves a fire-fighter. But nobody has ever liked an arsonist – until now. Today’s trendiest reds are as vibrant as a four-alarm blaze, and we can strike the match that gets you glowing

To start a fire, we have a range of Vibrance Gloss to create maximum drama and ultimate shine then some free-hand Fashion Lights intensify the flame. Simple, no fuss application but high impact results 



You don't always have to fill a head with foils to get brighter hair. By creating contrast & texture under the part-line we can personalize your haircut with a maintenance free colour result

Placement is designed for maximum impact but minimum upkeep with no more than 10 foils



Crave a little glamour, but you barely have time to get a haircut, let alone sit in the salon for 2-3 hours! For sexy subtlety, a few balayage pieces create reflection and are easy to maintain

A freehand created with the art of a colourists brush or carefully place or foils (up to 8 foils) to accentuate the features with lightness around your face, then glazed with a Shades EQ gloss to create a radiant shine  


Rock your boldest hair colour with new City Beats. 10 pastel or intense & completely intermixable shades, unique and feminine...we think this statement look is sweet enough to eat! Applied over your lightened hair (highlights or full head) for a candy bright pop of colour


 All our Express Menu colour services are designed to be either an easy pop of colour, a refresh in between services or an introduction to colour for first-timers.

*For extra long or thick hair where more colour is needed, there may be a $20 surcharge to cover additional product usage


No others discounts apply on these Express services


If you usually have a full colour service the Express Menu will not provide the same full colour options as you may be familiar with, but talk to your colourist to see if this might be a great 'in-between' colour 

All these colour options are available with our New Talent & Senior Colourists

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