Make Your Mark With New Staino by Evo Fab Pro March 20, 2019 10:02

What's semi-permanent, a with long lasting results  (up to fifty washes)  and oh-so intense it would make a rainbow pale in comparison?

Evo Fab Pro unveils new Staino.

The demand for bright, bold and semipermanent colour coming out of salons in recent times was met with a tidal wave of enthusiasm at Evo, who took it upon themselves to create Staino.

Developed in Evo’s labs in Adelaide, Australia – Staino brings 10 fully intermixable new shades of colour intensity to the Evo Fab Pro offering, in addition to a clear.

Staino is fully intermixable, empowering us to use the pallet of 10 shades to create our own unique formulas.”

They have created it using a very high pigment load, resulting in colour that not only lasts up to 50 washes, but that also fades true to tone.

The product’s incredibly high concentration of pigment means it can achieve incredibly bright – like fluro bright – colour.

Staino direct dyes contain nourishing ingredients that seal the cuticle and condition hair, reducing frizz and adding shine.

With a clear colour any of the Staino shades can be diluted to the sweetest softest pastels...meaning all our "rainbow, unicorn fairy princess" hair can be achieved

Staino is the newest member of the Evo Fab Pro family and is the perfect prequel to this colour love story.

We can combine intense Staino colour pigments with Evo Fab Pro’s conditioner base to give our colour-seeking client an at home maintenance program and maximum satisfaction in-between salon visits.

Staino achieves what it set out to and, as always, does it without costing the earth. The product is vegan and cruelty free, made without sulfates and parabens. Staino’s box packaging is completely recyclable and bio-degradable, made from a combination of wood-free pulp and cotton fibres so you can stress-less about its environmental footprint.

It’s another feel good product innovation by the wunderkinds at Evo and we can see it giving those super-bright personalities out there the look they’ve always longed for.