Hair Styling for Men August 26, 2016 10:48

The Dos and Don’ts of Styling Men’s Hair

Once upon a time all men had to do was visit the barber and wash their hair in between...but thankfully men's fashion has progressed to a point where the options are as wide as they are for women. This means however that men are now having to make as many styling decisions as their female counterparts so lets have a look at the things you need to know
Whether your hair is short or long, whatever appeals to you goes. You can decide whether you want to wear a sharp form-cut or rather sport the tousled out-of-bed look. Also in fashion are the more androgynous haircuts with longer fringes and longer lengths. Just remember that you will be wearing your hair style in your work place as well. Sadly not every employer is ok with dreadlocks, shaved track lines, mohawks or punk haircuts no matter how liberal fashion has become

Hair Styling for Men: Helpful Tools

Aside from a hair dryer and comb, a man’s hair styling tools should also include a hair brush. Invest in a brush with natural bristles or a massage brush with rounded bristles, rubber or wood bristles. A flat iron may be useful for men as well. Be sure to buy a flat iron of good quality so that you won’t heat damage your hair and scalp. Both Cloud 9 & ghd make a small styling iron ideal for mens hair.

Men Need the Proper Products to Style Their Hair

Talk to your stylist! And watch what they use...sometimes they get caught up in conversation and forget to tell you!  
The products they use to style your hair are the ones they know they need to get your hair sitting it stands to reason they are the best solution for you too!
Short hair is usually best styled using some kind of gel as it gives the hair sufficient hold. Using the right amount of gel is very important, don't be too heavy handed. Porcupine quills and the concrete look are kinda out of style right now. If your hair is short and very thick you may want a gel/pomade highbred like Redken Mess Around 10

Wax or pomade is the right choice if you like your hair to fall softly. 
Gel is generally not suitable for longer hair because it makes long hair rigid and hard to style
Hair wax or styling crème helps to create a natural hair style. There are a huge range of wax and pomade products around depending on the texture of your hair, so again ask your stylist what they recommend. Be careful with hair spray if you have used gel or wax on your hair. While the hair spray will provide hold, it can also make your hair appear oily and bedraggled

Balding Hair, What to Do?

What are your options when your hair falls out? Many young men have to deal with balding hair. Hair growth promoting treatments and hair transplants are possible solutions if you are seriously concerned about hair loss. Redken Cerafill Retaliate offers some early intervention options and has clinically proven results, so get in early rather than waiting until it is past saving. However, the simple and cool way to deal with the loss of hair is a razor-short haircut or a shaved head, which looks quite sexy for the right head shape. Consult with your hair stylist before making your decision and don’t hesitate to ask your closest friends for feedback.

Stylish Facial Hair

The opinions on beards are split. As a general rule, you should only grow a beard if you have enough facial hair. Meager beards tend to look unattractive. Beards like the hair on the head are subject to trends. Three-day beards can be sexy but this is not (no longer) true for a thick bushy moustache. On the other hand, chin beards and full beards keep growing in popularity. You should not forget to take care of your facial hair. It needs to be washed at least every other day. Not all hair grows at the same speed and you should therefore trim your dry beard as needed. Wild scraggly beards are not in style at all. Special beard trimmers and electrical beard trimmers can be helpful tools for the care of your beard. The same tools are also useful to trim sideburns. Bushy mutton chops look good on only very few men. Most men look better with properly trimmed sideburns, which match the hair style and beard.

Right Amount of Grey 

Time moves fast. Take back a few years and look younger. Whether you want to reduce or conceal your gray, Redken For Men has a solution that will help you customize your "camouflage". The R4M range allows a quick easy in-salon service that will naturally blend they grey hair without looking artificial or overly coloured