2022 Hair Colour Trends March 22, 2022 12:02

In a post lockdown world…and years of trying to keep hair under control while hairdressing professionals were unavailable, the biggest trend we are seeing worldwide is the return of more ‘luxurious’ colour.

Rather than being dictated to by closures, isolations and appointment availability, salon clients across the globe are embracing the opportunity to celebrate colour.

One of winter 2022's biggest colour trends is an opulent take on brunettes of all shades. "Brunettes are starting to have more fun," salon owner and Schwarzkopf National Ambassador, Jennifer Morgan says, adding that what sets the colour apart this season is "all about depth and dimension." Dubbing the trend "lux brunette," she describes multidimensional, rich shades chosen to suit skin tone and eye colour.

"It’s all about balance, so it’s worth understanding whether warmer or cooler tones complement your skin tone, as this decision can be taken independently of how light or dark you want to be depending on the depth of the colour of your eyes and your complexion," she explains.

Jennifer suggests those with warmer tones ask for shades like caramel, warm chocolate, chestnut, copper, and gold, while those with coolers tones go for iced, dark chocolate, and cool dark leather.

One of last years hottest trends was undoubtedly copper, fortunately for anyone who didn't manage to jump on it in time, the experts all say reds aren't going anywhere—though they are shifting a bit. "Redheads will remain all winter but we will see them getting softer in vibrancy" according to Jennifer and this winter its not just about copper...in fact any rich red is going to be a strong look this season

Whether you’ve been a blonde, brunette, or somewhere in between, there’s never been a better time to try out red if you’re looking for a hair colour update for Winter. “Red hair will give you a boost of confidence, make you stand out, and brighten up your features,” says Jennifer. Not only is red hair vibrant, but there are also numerous shades you can choose from depending on what look you’re trying to achieve. Your skin's undertone is, however, important when choosing a flattering red shade.

When you think of Cashmere blonde, think a soft blonde marked by a blend of cool and warm tones for a soft, woven effect that looks effortless with dimension that reflects light.

According to Jennifer, there's a shade and tone of blonde out there for virtually everyone. She also noticed an uptake in clients looking to go blonde, but not the classic bleach blonde you might think. Sun-kissed is timeless, she says, but right now is all about tones like that are softer and more dimensional with a mix of warm and cool

Unlike some of the low-maintenance colour trends we’re seeing, wintery platinum will also reign supreme in 2022. “More icy blondes will take over but we’ll see them with [muted] or ashed-out, sheer tones,” says Jennifer

“There is just something about that one-tone, even colour that is a high-lift, or double-process, blonde. This colour is great for the person that wants to stand out in the crowd—this blonde can transport you back to glamour of Old Hollywood beauties like Marylyn Monroe and Jane Mansfield.” Though anyone can get to this shade with enough bleach, Jennifer really only recommends it for those with lighter natural hair colours, since it’s such an intense process.

For a softer take on last year’s "money piece", go for a more halo effect. A brighter shade right around your face will bring all the attention to your eyes, without any harsh lines. “A super-effortless face frame with bright end lights and a base drop is a more evolved ombré that’s less contrived and sexier,” says colourist and Schwarzkopf ambassador Jennifer Morgan.

It's all about highlighting the baby hairs that frames the face in a soft and delicate way. "The halo effect is softer than a money piece, it's not a colour block, so it's there's lower contrast, the benefit is that is lightens the strands around the face and into the hairline, and it lifts the face. "

Over the past year we’ve seen a lot of women embracing a more natural look, and Jennifer says many of her clients have made the decision to let their greys grow in. “With salons being closed for months during lockdown, this gave people time to see the possibilities of embracing their natural highlights: grey hair,” she says. But as time has gone on, more and more grey clients are now playing with soft and subtle highlights to add interest and freshness to their hair. "Its a big departure from the traditional 'grey cover' all over tinting process and taking a more dimensional fashion forward look...muich like we do with hair that is not grey...adding light or dimension to flatter the skin or emphasise the cut

As Jennifer pointed out, the major divergence this season is clients wanting either natural colours or very fun shades. And really, nothing could be more fun than the Colour of the Year, Pantone's Very Peri. The bold, cool-toned periwinkle is an ideal shade to incorporate this season while the weather is becoming equally cold and icy.

According to the pros, there are plenty of ways to wear it, both subtly and loud and proud. "Your options are limitless," she says, suggesting an all-over colour or some subtle periwinkle-toned highlights for maximum fun. To test drive a hint of periwinkle, she recommends tinting just the tips of your hair, which can be removed with a quick trim.

The expensive blonde hue is all about dimension, rather than a hefty price tag. Though expensive is in the name, this colour won’t break the bank

"It’s a really soft contrast so there are fewer shadows in the hair, but it’s not one set colour. There’s still dimension, there’s still highs and lows,” Jennifer explained. “Generally, it’s a warmer shade but I think this is really going to do well in winter,” she added.

To get that luxe finish, an expert blend of different blonde tones will take lighter hair to the next level...the words that come to mind to describe these shades are beige, champagne, and golden — not to be confused with ‘yellow’.”