6 Haircuts That Are On-Trend for Summer 2018 November 4, 2018 17:09

Visions of a hair colour transformation might be dancing through your mind this summer—after all, there are so many hues like rose gold, denim, and multi-toned unicorn that are popular right now—but, have you given much thought to your summer haircut?

The right haircut can take your beauty look to a whole new level. Instead of opting for a traditional layer-less, straightened ‘do, consider trying something totally fresh.

Below, take a peek at some of our favourite haircuts for women. Go ahead and get that extra hint of style you’ve been craving with one of these summer haircut ideas!


Yes, fringes are back, baby! There’s just something so chic about the throwback crop of the ‘90s—which could explain why this style is making a resurgence this summer. A fringe can require a little everyday styling—but if you opt for a longer fringe, you’ll be able to get away with a more carefree look that doesn’t require quite as much effort.

What’s more, when you go for a longer snip, you’ll be able to wear it in a few different ways. Wear it straight across for an edgy, cool-girl look, swept to the side for whimsical flair, or pinned back if you’re feeling tired of it and they’re long enough to do so. Talk about a versatile women’s haircut!


When you think of the lob that took last season by storm, there’s a good chance that a single-layer look comes to mind. Here in 2018 though, it’s all about the layered lob. This mid-length chop takes last year’s style to the next level by adding texture and movement through long layers. To really rock this cut, pair it with beachy waves. Spritz OSiS Session Styling Salt Spray onto towel-dried hair, then let your mane air dry. This could very well be one of the easiest summer haircuts to consider trying!


Just like the lob, shag hairstyles were seen everywhere in 2017. For the shag’s debut in 2018, however, it’s taken a bit of a messier finish while still embracing seamless layers for a soft yet edgy silhouette. Ready for this to be your summer haircut? Ask your stylist to tailor the mid-length cut to your face shape. Whether you pair it with a fringe or keep your forehead free, you want to make sure that the cut you get will complement your overall look. Your best bet to achieving the messy shag you want is to bring a picture with you so that you can ensure you and your stylist are on the same page.


Take a trip down memory lane with us to remember how last summer it seemed like everyone was cutting off their long locks in favour of trendy crops. Now, fast-forward back to present day and rejoice in the fact that long hair is once again on-trend. While shorter styles are definitely still a staple for summer 2018, plenty of gals are showing off long hair too. So, if looking like a grade-A mermaid is part of your summer dream, embrace your length and ask your stylist to amp it up with a few layers and possibly a highlight or two.


This is definitely one of the edgier haircuts for women out there—and it might be the right match for you if you want to make a serious statement. If you’re feeling especially daring this summer, take a note from some of your favourite celebrities and get friendly with a pair of clippers. That’s right, the buzz cut is turning out to be one if the signature summer haircuts for 2018. With a buzz cut, you’ll be able to wake up and rush out the door without having to schedule time to blow-dry, straighten, or curl your strands.


If you like the idea of the buzz cut but are afraid to commit, this is the summer haircut for you. This cut involves shaving just the lower half of your head. By doing this, your hair will look as it normally would until you put it up to expose the buzzed underside! This hairstyle trend is a super cool way to try something new without a drastic change. Many people have designs shaved in their undercut for a personalised, detailed touch. You can also rock this haircut by shaving a portion of hair on the side of your head rather than underneath.