Ask The Experts L.A.'s Most In-Demand Summer Hair Trends June 22, 2017 13:51

Hair is a woman's mane event — we see tresses before dresses, it's one of the first things that determines if someone's image is consistent, interesting, chic and can speak volumes about your personal style.

So making sure you put your locks into the hands of on expert is key.

Having just got back from Los Angeles, where your hair can be your actual fortune, Morgan & Morgan Urban Retreat co-owner Jennifer Morgan was excited to take in the trends and the latest hair hits and misses.

For L.A. locks, it's all about the perfect calculated mess. Call it rock 'n' roll or beachy or even sexy, to the untrained eye, Los Angeles' top summer hair trends may seem to, well, be the exact same as they were last year.

I get it. The reality is that their coolest locals will never stop loving a choppy bob, big bouncy curls, or long, wind-blow waves. (Blame the laid-back city and perpetual air-dry-friendly weather.)

But look a little closer and I could see that these L.A. mainstay cuts actually do change and morph each season, and each rendition is fresher and more flattering than the last.

But this month, L.A.'s raddest trends are changing in a truly interesting way: The gamine pixie is picking up steam and the lob has officially been usurped by the endlessly-flattering mid-length cut. Their were layers reminiscent of an 80’s classic and fringes…consider them the calling card of cool — especially when paired with a long shag.


What to ask for: Cheekbone-length fringe and long layers that start at the collarbone

This cut as a "hybrid of traditional long layering, and soft, wearable fringe." I’d call it: cool, but low maintenance AF. It works for any texture, so long as you don't mind styling at least your fringe daily.

What to ask for: A pixie cut with added length in the front and top sections

Far shorter, but just as sexy, I’d describe this as French L.A. gamine. The secret to the effortless look? It's shorter in the back with a little bit of length through the front and fringe area, the idea is for it to have a hardness and softness at the same time."

What to ask for: Long layers suited for your texture

I call this "bombshell hair" and marks the continued return of the long hair trend. After season upon season of lob-inspired cuts, this length feels fresh thanks to what it lacks: there are no bangs and no layers shorter than the jaw.

What To Ask For: Long length with mid-length layers and short, piecey fringe

This look is a long shag with short, french 'bangs' (its LA speak for a fringe). This cut works for all hair types, but make sure your layers that will bring out your texture — and not make you a slave to a flat iron or blow-dryer.

What to ask for: A layered bob with a heavy, tapered fringe

Take one look at this edgy cut and you can quickly tell there's a lot of technique behind it. This is a bob that's above the shoulder, to prevent it from flipping out funny, with layers that are point-cut to lay seamlessly. The fringe should hit right at, or barely below, the brows, to give it this dramatic look.

What to ask for: A classic precision, A-line bob with blunt fringe

Yes, fringes are having a major moment — and not just in L.A. — but they can be polished and paired with a sleek cut, too. It's perfect for anyone with fine hair, as it "creates the illusion of a fuller head of hair.

What to ask for: A classic pixie tailored for your hair texture

With the right detail and attitude a pixie cut really is a complete look. While pixies are generally associated with smaller face shapes and thinner texture, anyone can pull it off with the right tweaks.


Hollywood is all about the hair colour, lets face it where would Jennifer Aniston be without The Rachel and her signature mulitone highlights? Reese Witherspoon without her ice-blond halo, and Angelina Jolie without her rich-chocolate suave?

I checked in with a few of L.A.'s top colourists for a look at the trends in action. Although it is winter here right now, summer is in full force in LA and their coolest locals are already sporting the shades the country will soon be requesting.

What To Ask For: Balayage highlights and a shaded or smudged root

This look "a root faded, butter-blond balayage" and it's "good for someone that likes to be super bright, but wants low-maintenance upkeep. That's because the deep root allows the color to grow out easily.

Going this pale can be damaging, especially for those with a darker base or fine or textured hair. Insist on Redken’s pH-Bonder in the colour and periodic strengthening treatment such as a Keratin Complex treatment will rebuild the bonds broken during highlighting and add strength and shine back into the hair," she adds.

Upkeep: Highlights every three months.

What To Ask For: Balayage highlights that are concentrated at the ends

This look is a natural balayage highlight with bright ribbon pops and the beauty of the work lies in the fact that it adds texture to a detailed haircut. It's best for darker hair and anyone who craves brightness and dimension, but fears commitment. Note that concentrating the colour near the tips is key for this look, as it keeps the minimal colouring modern, not stripy.

Those with darker hair have a tendency to get a bit brassy over time, so a client may need to come in periodically for a gloss to refresh the colour

Upkeep: "Highlight maintenance is 3-4 yearly depending on how quickly the hair grows and how often you cut it,and stick to sulfate-free shampoo to keep the colour fresher, longer

What To Ask For: Sun-kissed, subtle balayage highlights

This is a natural, sun-kissed highlight emulating children's hair colour (in fact often referred to as 'baby-lights') — or a summer spent on the beach. To score the look, without a fountain of youth or a summer share, ask for balayage highlights just a few shades lighter than your natural colour. It's good for anyone who wants to lighten up, but still stay close to their natural shade, plus, there is next to no upkeep.

Upkeep: This is a very low maintenance look: Highlights will only need to be done two to three times a year, depending on your natural base

What To Ask For: Highlights toned to a vibrant auburn colour

Have brown hair and looking to grow out your highlights ASAP?

This hue is one of my favourite looks in the lot, created by highlighting dark brown hair, then toning it into a "natural auburn/cinnamon fade.

It's also good for anyone looking to transition away from previously-done highlights — all you need is a simple toner. The colour fills in the lighter pieces in one fell swoop — and costs far less than most salon services.

Upkeep: Glossed-over highlights are not forever. Highlighted hair can sometimes have a tendency to fade, so a periodic refresh of the gloss may be required depending on how often you shampoo. Expect a salon visit to brighten up your hair every month or two if you want to maintain it

What To Ask For: Bright highlights on just the tips, plus a face frame

Looking for something bright and flattering, but low on commitment? (Aren't we all?) This look adds light to the face, thanks to the "face frame," but only needs to be touched up a few times per year.

She describes this look as a "root faded blond with a pop in the front," referring to the brighter pieces around the face. This works for any colour, brunette or natural blond, but strategic highlighting is key

Upkeep: Colour can be touched up every few months, but doesn't need to be — it will grow out beautifully since it's so subtle.

What To Ask For: Golden copper base colour with a few strategic highlights

Looking to tap into the 2017's red trend? Consider this your all-access pass: it's warm, vibrant, and perfect for anyone who wants to give the hue a go, no matter your natural hair colour.

This look is a "bright, natural copper" and notes it's particularly flattering for "people with neutral to golden skin tones" and freckles — although a variety of complexions will find the shade flattering.

Upkeep: This colour needs to be retouched every six weeks and requires a few fresh highlights in the ends every time, plus a sulfate-free, colour-safe shampoo is a must.

What To Ask For: Shades of strawberry, copper, and gold painted over highlights

I would describe this colour as a natural strawberry copper,and it's great for someone who wants a softer tone of copper or loves being a redhead, but also wants to have that natural, sun-kissed look.

This is no ordinary, one-process redhead, you want tones of strawberry, copper, and gold — and the hair should be previously highlighted for dimension and softly fade lighter towards the ends for a more natural look."

Upkeep: A base and a gloss every eight weeks or so, highlights every third visit.

What To Ask For: A rose-gold gloss over highlights

This colour is called rose beige and it's the perfect blend of pretty and edgy. It's great for anyone who wants a fun, temporary change, as the hue will fade quickly. Why? It's actually a gloss done over previous highlights, so it will fade out within a few weeks.

Warning: The hue is not one-size-fits-all, rose gold or rose beige needs to be chosen according to your skin tone.

Upkeep: None, as it will fade naturally. To maintain the colour, stop in for a gloss every four weeks.

What To Ask For: Ice-cream hair

The summer progression of the pastel trend is referred to as ice cream shades or dimensional pastels (think whiter on the ends and more saturated at the roots), These watercolour pastels somehow look impossibly natural and totally chic.

Clients love pastels because they can take the colour plunge without worrying, as these pale tones last just a few weeks before fading back.

All your childhood fantasies come to life in a blaze of sugared pinks, muted mints, pearly silvers, peaches, and lavenders. Just think: Fairytale hues that are wearable!

Upkeep: To achieve this you will need to have a very lightened base so the basis on this colour required a 4-week upkeep. But the pastels can be updated as often as you want change or maintained with a FabPro toned conditioner

What To Ask For: My Little Pony colour

From lukewarm pastels to My Little Pony brights woven through blocks of hair, this fresh approach to rainbow hues enhances even the most conservative cuts, as well as catering to those who want temporary, hidden colour. Lavenders, pinks, and slate greys dominate the current requests, but hot on the hit list are sea foams and all the colours of the rainbow for people who want more drama.

Upkeep: Dependant on the placement of the lightness this can be as high or low maintenance as we want. And the tones can be updated as often as you desire or maintained with a FabPro toned conditioner

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