Ask the Experts...the hair products we love December 13, 2021 10:16

Just like skincare, the sheer scale and scope of hair products on the market can easily feel overwhelming.

And just like skincare, something that may be a winner for someone, may not have the same result for you.

So what are our experts, who handle all different kinds of hair and use product on them day in and day out, loving product-wise right now?

We checked in with the team to ask them about their tried-and-true favourites, and how to use them for yourself.


I really love OSiS Volume Up...I like to call It "dirt in a can" which may sound a bit horrific, but its perfect for fine hair that doesn't work well when its clean. Following the "strong but natural volume"-trend, this spray-on style booster with medium hold provides incredible volume instantly, without compromising on the hair's natural movement and feel. The formula with the breakthrough Flex-Web technology enwraps the hair in a weightless flexible polymer web.


My fave product is evo's Fabuloso Pro custom conditioner

Fabuloso Pro custom conditioners are as the name suggests. Custom-made to any colour your wee heart desires - vibrant reds and coppers through to pastels, pinks, turquoise - you name it, you can have it!

Change your hair colour as much as you like. These wont stain your hair and come out after a few washes...they are prefect for maintaining your colour.


You have probably heard of revolutionised our industry, letting us do stuff to hair that previously wasn't possible.

Cleverly the inventors of Olaplex sold the technology to all the major supply companies and so at Morgan & Morgan we have Schwarzkopf Fibreplex which uses the same science and can rebond hair that previously was beyond saving, lets us lighten several times in a short period of time and saves all those crispy blondes out there with breakage.

At home, use Fibreplex Shampoo & treatment if you really want to see amazing change in your hair


Everyone who knows me, knows how much I love my styling tools.

If you want to create salon prefect hair at home, my "must have product" is  Alterna Invisible Roller

A heat activated "roller in a bottle" for instant and long lasting curls of all sizes. A medium hold setting spray that lifts from root to tip and moulds hair into lush shapes, while providing heat protection and high shine.


As a lover of healthy shiny hair, I can't go past Ilse Formula Finishing Serum. The ultimate protector for your hair that will never weigh your hair down. Finishing Serum is my go-to styling product, protecting against heat + UV + humidity + colour fade without silicone There's no better way to protect all hair types from environmental assaults than with Finishing Serum. Hand-picked, custom blended ingredients including vitamins, nut oils, silk, and ceramide, feed hair with nothing but goodness 


At this time of year hair gets parched which makes It challenging to style so I am loving Alterna Moisture Mask, this savvy treatment replenishes hair that has been starved of hydration. Whether styling, colouring or environmental aggressors have affected the feel of your hair, Caviar Extract and Sea Silk® are just the solution. Your hair's essential moisture balance will be boosted for a silky, healthy finish.


I understand how It feels to battle thick coarse and dry hair so I have to say my favourite is Alterna Haircare Smoothing Anti-Frizz Blowout Butter. Cut down your blow-dry time and fight frizz all in one, with Alterna Haircare Smoothing Anti-Frizz Blowout Butter. With a melting cream-to-oil texture, this styling butter protects hair against heat damage and humidity, for a softer, smoother look and feel. Blowout Butter is formulated with a proprietary climate shield complex that controls the level of moisture in hair in the environment to keep strands smooth and soft—with less frizz for up to 72 hours 


Ready for volume without resorting to hairspray? The Fibre Clinix Volumize Spray is a boosting formula for limp and thin hair, ideal for those with lacklustre locks that need an extra dose of volume.
New technology creates body and reinforces hair, it focuses on creating lightweight body and shine, adding moisture and nutrients, and preventing static so hair enjoys improved body and soft natural movement.
The result... Beautiful hair that’s fuller and soft to touch with a glossy, healthy shine for your most luscious locks!


Keeping blonde hair from looking brassy is tough to do. With BlondMe Cool Blonde Neutralising Shampoo, you can keep your colour the shade it’s meant to be.

The secret to this shampoo is that the clever technology that helps to build new bonds, remove brassiness and neutralise yellow undertones in blonde hair.


My favourite product for almost any hair type is the Alterna 3-1 Serum, designed to be a powerhouse for damaged and aging hair. The triple-action formula consists of an amino acid/lipid blend that imitates those naturally found in hair to help repair, protect, and seal strands at their core. Formulated with caviar bond enforcing technology, this serum intuitively targets and seals cracks and fissures in the hair surface to help transform hair. This product is clinically proven to significantly smooth hair, while reducing breakage and split ends up to 99 percent. 


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