Getting Ready for Your Wedding Day September 12, 2017 12:56

We all know how important is your wedding hairstyle is?

Second to your dress its one of the biggest elements to your look on your big day

Getting married is one of the most exciting events to plan and choosing a wedding hairstyle can be a big decisions to make. Your wedding hairdo can make or break a stunning bridal look, and it is important to have the right advice when choosing a bridal hairstyle. Our Morgan & Morgan stylists specialise in helping you get it right and take the stress out of the style


Your dress is usually the deciding factor for everything else around it; the wedding hair, the accessories, the flowers, everything. Before you come in to talk about your wedding hairstyle be clear on the dress and bring in pictures. So many times brides have a style in their head because of a movie or a wedding they went to, an image in a book or a fantasy they have had since childhood! Find a dress that compliments you and makes you feel like a million bucks, and our team will create a style to compliment the dress.


If you have very fine hair, or very short hair, deal with the fact that there are limitations with the texture of your hair, and don’t fool yourself that our stylists can create an abundance of hair when it is virtually impossible. If you have loads of curls, don’t try and convince yourself that a sleek, skinny hairstyle is what is going to work for you. Find a few styles you like and take them with your to your next hair appointment. Think about the weather…if it is humid, or windy a messy loose style might not be your best option. On a really hot summers day wearing your hair up off your neck is a great idea when you are in a wedding gown!


We have a team who specialise in bridal hairstyles and will be able to discuss all the options with you, taking your dress into account, your hair texture, whether you are wearing a veil or not, and if you plan to wear flowers in your hair. Choose the best one that suits your hair, your personality and the bridal look you are after.


Your wedding day is a super special one, and doesn’t mean that you have to beat your hair into submission to be something it is not. If you have a very busy dress, with lots of beadwork and detail, you will need to make your bridal hairdo take a backseat, and let the hair quietly compliment the focal point, which is you, and your dress. If you are wearing a simple dress, you can dress the hair up a bit more, but if you don’t feel comfortable having a huge up do, you won’t feel comfortable on the day. Make your wedding hairstyle all about you, just the more glamorous you. Don’t change who you are, you will feel weird and it will show.


You want to time your colour appointments so you have your pre-wedding colour (with one of our colourists who understands your hair) as close to the day as possible. For your photographs it is nice to have your colour a little more dramatic than your everyday look so you should discuss your ideal shade for the big day at least 3-4 months in advance


This point is super important when it comes to your wedding day, just because your stylist is a wedding specialist, doesn’t mean they will instantly know what you like. Book a trial appointment, and get an idea of what kind of hair do you are in for on your wedding day. This is your chance to discuss any changes you would like to make. A great salon will allow at least a whole appointment space to go through the options and trial the style


Most brides will grow their hair prior to the wedding so it is vital for the big day that the condition is maintained. No point in having long hair if it is trashed in the lead up. If you are sacrificing haircuts swap them out for intense repair treatments in the months leading up to wedding day


Wearing a veil is a very personal issue, and these days have more of a nostalgic connotation and less of a religious one. Brides do not have to wear a veil anymore. There may be some requirements from certain churches and religions, but again that is completely a personal matter. If you really don’t want to wear a veil, fascinators have come back into fashion with a bang and you can find a super modern version of the classic veil and dress it up for your wedding day. It is important to factor in your headdress before looking at bridal hairstyles.


Bridal hairstyles conjure up images of long, wavy locks imbedded with pearls and diamonds or swept up sleek, classical looks. But many Brides these days are doing away with tradition and keeping their hair short for the occasion, and although styles are somewhat limited with short hair, it can make for a really dramatic entrance. Have your haircut a couple of weeks before the wedding, as it will have a chance to soften at the edges after two weeks of growth.

A wedding hairdo is a very important part of the bride’s look. It is most important that it reflects the bride’s personality and flair. If a wedding hairstyle overpowers the finished look, the bride will feel uncomfortable until the champagne kicks in and she no longer cares.

Our stylists will work with you in the months coming up to your wedding and tailor-make a bridal hairstyle that is perfect for you.

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