Ask the Experts..."What are the hottest blonde trends for 2017 February 22, 2017 13:51

Now that is is officially Autumn, there will be a lot of talk about brunette, blondes is never out of fashion and is one of the most popular services in salons, here and around the world.

So we are always looking for new ways to update light strands. In this case, various hair colour techniques come in handy, including balayage, ombre, sombre and etc.

To inspire you for the coming season, we asked Salon Owner and Redken Colour Ambassador, Jennifer Morgan to pick the hottest blonde hair colour trends for 2017 to give you some interesting ideas of enhancing your blonde strands. 

Blonde Colour Melt


Monotone hair is not really in vogue as everyone wants to rock several hair tones at the same time. Here is a multi-dimensional hair colour that requires blending blonde and brown shades to create a gorgeous colour melt. In case if you want to add a little depth to create contrast, and dimension (perfect on fine hair) this technique is excellent for you. 

Blonde with Shadowy Roots

Blonde with shadowy roots is a big trend of 2017. It has already been popularized by colourists and everyone loves this technique. In this style, the colours have been done in sombre pattern to avoid any drastic colour change. The shadowy roots gradually fade into light blonde creating a subtle sombre. 

Golden Blonde Locks

This gorgeous golden blonde look has been achieved through a combination of softening the natural hair (we call it base breaking) and then a balayage technique. Balayage is effectively hand painting the hair and can be used in conjunction with some perfectly placed foils. Some honey brown streaks pop up and give extra charm to golden blonde strands. If you are planning to update your blonde hair colour, do that with the help of this golden shade. 

Faux Balayage

This particular hairstyle comes from mixing honey brown and blonde shades for an excellent colour-melt. Your colourist will place some babylights around your face to create a face framing design. Babylights should be chosen according your current hair colour and complexion.  


So what are 'baby-lights?' Think of the soft natural highlights you see on a young child and you are on the right track. When there are babylights you don’t need to go for radical changes to have a modern look. Babylights will update your overall hairstyle and give some sparks to your strands. The most important function of babylights is to highlight your facial features and create a stunning face framing design.

Silver Blonde Hair

Silver blonde is one of the most desired shades among all those blonde hues. Well, this shade is not so easy to achieve because you will need to choose a right formula. In order to avoid failures, it is highly recommended to consult with your colourist before you will try to achieve this sophisticated hair colour. Hot tip...NEW Redken pH-Bonder in your colour will assure you maintain your hairs health through out the process

Dirty Blonde (Bronde)

Here the combination of blonde and brown creates an excellent hair colour that looks exceptionally gorgeous on shorter strands. This style is dimensional and also pretty attractive. Note that the colour is not so light consequently it is not a high-maintenance look. Give your strands some layers to frame your face and add an extra movement through your strands.

Opal Blondes

Just like the gemstone, opal hair subtly plays on many colours of the rainbow all at once. First step is to  lighten your hair to a pearl shade (almost grey, but not quite), add toner and then follow it up with an application of pastel shades throughout the lengths of the hair. The result is iridescent hair with a soft metallic finish that’ll have you noticing a different colour at every angle.

Block Panels

Panel colouring is a fantastic way of using colour creatively to maximise the impact of your hair. Panel colouring takes highlights or lowlights to the next level by creating blocks or panels of colour that are larger than the thin strands using coloured during those processes.

This effect is best achieved with a consistent colour at the scalp area then strategically place blocks of colour to enhance an area of the head.

For a bold look that achieves maximum impact panels on the top layer of the hair can be coloured using soft and complimentary tones.

One or more section can be coloured, depending on the hair’s overall style. A more subtle approach is known as peekaboo panels. This is where panels are coloured on the underside of the hair. This is a great solution if you are looking for an exciting hair style but still needing to portray a professional image in the office, as the panels can remain relatively hidden when the hair is worn down in its usual style. Of course, panel colouring doesn’t need to stick to soft shades. You may like a less usual colour in order to add a bit of fun to your style. From pastel blues to lilac or mint, panels can be applied in any colour, providing you with truly personalised tresses.

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