Freckle's how to use foundation! March 1, 2017 13:05

Forget cakey, matte skin, and instead embrace a dewy, glowing complexion that with enhance your beautiful freckles not cover them.

If you have freckles you’ll know the struggles – you want an even, bright complexion, but sometimes foundations look cakey over your freckles making them appear greyer and more obviously ‘covered up’.

It seems that even if you don’t want to fully cover up your freckles, you field off comments like “don’t cover your gorgeous freckles!” on a daily basis, which can be beyond annoying. Unfortunately this is just the perils of freckles – if you want an all over make-up base, you have to sacrifice your natural, freckly beauty. Right?

Well, wrong actually. Luckily it is possible to enjoy beautifully even skin and still let your freckles shine through – sometimes all it takes is mastering the right foundation formula, using the right tools or working some magic with concealer.


Choose light/medium coverage over full

If you want a flattering blurring effect on the skin without blocking any of your freckles, a light foundation is your new best friend. If redness is an issue, try more of a medium coverage to even out your skin tone all over and give a more flawless finish without  ‘greying’ out your freckles. When it comes to full coverage foundations, these are best to be steered clear as they can make the concealing of freckles too obvious and leave a flat finish.

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Apply lightly on your freckles

It’s important to remember that foundation doesn’t have to be used over the entire face if you don’t actually need it. If you have problem areas like pimples or redness, then focus on those areas and blend from the centre of the face outwards. Try using a damp beauty blender to apply your base, especially over freckly areas. This gives a much more natural finish and blends the product seamlessly to prevent any tell-tale streaks from your foundation. In general though, adding less foundation to freckled areas is best.

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Concealer is your friend

If you’re in a rush or foundation just isn’t your forte, a concealer can forgive many facial ‘flaws’. A well-placed creamy concealer can hide pimples, redness and dark under eyes and not compromise the rest of your skin or freckles. For best application apply with a warm finger, then blend gently with a concealer brush or beauty sponge and finish with a light dusting of finishing powder all over to set.

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