Ask the Experts..."How to I get a great colour?" June 26, 2019 14:39

Changing your hair colour can go wonderfully right―or horribly wrong!

That’s why so many people put their heads in the trusty hands of Jennifer Morgan Creative Director for Colour at Morgan & Morgan Urban Retreat in Takapuna

“The right shade enhances a woman’s face and hair texture without overpowering her,” she says.

Jennifer has spent more than 30 years working her way to the top of her field and now educates other aspiring colourists here and around the world

Read on for Jennifer's tips on how to get the best result and her go-to products.

Get Prepared..

If your hair is knotty and lacking in shine then it is likely the cuticle is damaged. When this happens, it makes it less likely that your colour will hold… so more pre-colour repair is advised.

For serious damage consider coming in for some real repair with Redken’s pH-Bonder. This magic treatment will rebuild broken bonds and get the hair ready to take and hold onto your new shade!

Everyone can assist the end result if they prep their hair. Apply a deep-conditioning hair mask a couple of days before your appointment, says Jennifer. The moisture will help your hair hold the pigment better. And if you have a sensitive scalp, avoid shampooing the day before. “Chemicals used in colour may irritate the skin,” she says. “Your scalp’s natural oils will protect it.”

If your hair is damaged or weakened a few doses of Redken’s CAT strengthening protein hair treatment spray will rebuild reconstruct, reconditions and adds immediate strength

A Picture Says It All.

You may tell your colourist “honey” but wind up with a rich, amber brown instead of the golden colour you envisioned.

“Words mean different things to different people,” he says.

“Bring a photo to clear up any confusion.” A good colourist can match the shade or steer you toward a colour that will be more flattering for you. Consider the upkeep. Be realistic about how much maintenance you can handle. If you know it will be difficult (or expensive) to get to the salon for touch-ups every six weeks, stick with a shade that’s close to your natural one, or just go with face-framing highlights.

“Enhancing your colour instead of drastically changing it will give you the most bang for your buck,” says Jennifer. And because you’re staying close to your own shade, your roots will be less noticeable, which means you can go longer between salon appointments.

Our Picks for Maintaining Colour

“Dry, damaged hair doesn’t hold pigment well, so the colour fades,” says Jennifer. Sun and frequent shampooing can speed up that process, so he relies on products that nurture hair and help colour last.

Altena Color Hold

Caviar Anti-Aging Infinite COLOR HOLD Shampoo is a gentle cleanser that minimising colour fade for lasting colour while replenishing lost moisture.  Formulated with our signature Caviar Extract and Dual Capture Complex that provides powerful colour protection and intense moisture, this colour retention formula is clinically proven to maintain vibrancy and shine for 70 days.


Fabuloso Pro Conditioner

There is nothing like fabuloso pro on the market. The ability to create customised maintenance conditioners for my clients is limited only by my imagination.

"My favourite aspect is being able to send every colour client home with a perfectly matched colour maintenance conditioner ensures the longevity of their hair and its condition"


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