Fairytale hair comes to life March 5, 2017 10:23

Pastels & Bright colours are a more applicable to anyone and we are getting requests for fantasy colour have come from all types of clients, people you would not have traditionally thought would want something more fun

Women who work in fashion or more creative industries such as advertising have naturally migrated toward the trend,but we are now also working pastel colours into the manes of more conservative clients who are in roles like lawyers and bankers and the teaching profession

The amount of pastel that clients request varies from an entire head of hair to only the tips, to peekaboo streaks that are easily hidden or as an overall tone on highlighted hair

Pastel hair's move to the mainstream comes at a time when more celebrities are embracing the trend as they show how you can still be elegant and iconic and have something fun to go with that.

The constant images of pastel hair colour in the media have softened its edge as a fringe look, like tattoos and bright nail polish.

The process of achieving a a pastel is not so scary or so complicated in the hands of a great colourist.

Technology and innovation has provided us with some incredible options to create new and creative colour options that would never have been possible a few years ago…so here is the “Experts Guide to All Things Pastel”

1. These days we don’t ‘strip’ colour from your hair

Jo Baz Professoral Hair Color Remover

This gentle non-bleaching artificial colour remover will break down artificial pigment (from previous hear colour) and allow it to be washed from the hair. The process is non-aggressive it gently reduces the size of the ‘dye’ molecule in the hair. The downside is that it takes a few hours but the plus size is it opens up a world of new colour

Redken City Beats Color Remover 

Gently lightens out artificial pigment from the hair while having minimal effect on your natural pigment. Ideal for taking out unwanted reflect and tone from an old colour, this process allows us to start again with a clean palette

2. 'Bleach' has come a long way

We call them ‘Powder lighters’ (bleach brings too many horror stories to mind) and Redken’s most luxurious conditioning lighteners featuring Lumisilk Technology to help preserve the hair's natural level of lipids and leaves hair with luminous looking shine and beautiful silky condition, with a gentle fragrance while lightening up to 7 levels

3. The Holy Grail of Hair Colouring

Redken's pH-Bonder has been a game changer for the professional hair colouring industry. It isn't just another hair conditioning treatment. In fact, it doesn't use the word ‘conditioning’ anywhere in it's advertising. What it is instead, is system that permanently rebuilds the damaged disulphide bonds in your hair that are broken during the chemical process. If you've over-bleached over the years, pH-Bonder allows you to rebuild the strength, structure and integrity of your hair. It is the ultimate insurance against possible damage during any colouring process

4. Pastel Options are Everywhere

How mainstream is the pastel colour trend? Well, we have 5 ranges within our professional products (we take it that seriously) that have been developed to specifically cater to the needs of clients who desire pastel & vibrant colours.

City Beats (from Redken)... this is our "go-to" range for all things fairytale or fantasy. It has the latest technology and this new conditioning colour cream allows us to create the edgiest vibrant shades inspired by the streets of NYC. They can be used to create any of the looks mentioned or we can mix them to create your very own fantasy hair colour. Feel the energy, hear the beat and discover 12 stay-true hues that let you unleash your boldest look. No-mess cream formula for easy application and long-lasting semi-permanent results.

Elumen hair colour (from Goodwill) works with direct colour dyes which are the most rich and intense of all dyes. Elumen Colour also has a unique penetration system which keeps direct dyes separated, allowing them to penetrate the closed cuticles and "glide" inside the hair.

From Pravana we have ChromaSilk Pastels collection of colours is comprised of 5 delicate (and intermixable) shades including: Pretty in Pink, Luscious Lavender, Blissful Blue, Too Cute Coral and Mystical Mint. 

Pearlescent (from Schwarzkopf Professional) has seized the pastel spectacular and created the next big thing in iridescent pastel pearl tones. Whether your hair is light or dark, Igora Pearlescent allows you to get the perfect results.

Watercolour (by Matrix) is one of the latest launches they offer a grown up, sophisticated option to the more candy pastel colours and rainbow hair from last year

Fashionstas and Experimenters – our on-trend clients who are constantly seeking the newest and coolest trends are moving away from the ultra vibrant, in-your-face type of artificial fashion colours. They want something that’s more wearable, more natural-looking, and colour that cares for their hair as well.

5. Keep that Colour Alive at Home

Fabulous Pro is the god-send home-care product that we have be waiting for! This salon only ‘colour refresh and maintenance system’ enables us to refresh, intensify and maintain your hair colour in between all colour services

We can mix a personalised take home colour conditioner as a part of a customised service to perfectly match and help maintain your colour in-between salon visits. No more worrying about how long your pastel colour will last…you get to take it with you to use at home

6. Co-Cleansing…the new BUZZ

Genius Wash Cleansing Conditioner co-washes provide moisture replenishment, manageability, and colour radiance. Available in three gentle formulas by hair type, Genius Wash works ingeniously with your favourite shampoo so hair is always clean but never over-washed.

7. Achieve Your Hair’s Full Potential

Whether you want to grow out your shorter style or are struggling to achieve longer strands due to chemical or mechanical damage, Extreme is the solution for nearly all of your needs. Damaged hair cannot continue to grow because of breaking points, which are a result of breakage or split ends caused by chemical, mechanical or thermal damage,

Healthy hair is key to adding length. Redken’s new Extreme Length Primer and Sealer & old favourite CAT are go-to products for anyone trying to grow their hair longer and stronger

For more ideas and inspiration check out our Pinterest page dedicated to all things pastel