The Modern Shag August 1, 2017 18:19

A Cut Above.

It's true what they say, what's old is new again, and this sentiment couldn't be more appropriate when it comes to the latest trend in hair. The 70's gave us retro blowouts, curtain bangs, and-perhaps most indicative of the decade, 'the shag'.

Well, in recent months, this popular haircut has made a resurgence and has gotten a modern update, as well. Find out why the shag haircut is trending right now-and why you should probably consider booking an appointment to try it out yourself!

The Modern Shag Cut

While blunt cut lobs and bobs have been reigning supreme for the last few seasons, the modern-day shag is giving them a run for their money. This multi-dimensional cut gives hair of all lengths tons of movement and volume. The cut is the ultimate wash and wear look, as it's able to be worn with all textures of hair and look equally chic when air-dried as it does styled with hot tools. All-over long, blended layers are cut strategically by your hairdresser-read: do not try this at home!-in order to create tons of volume and an intentionally disheveled, lived-in look.

Who It's For

For women with fine hair, a shag cut bob or lob can give the illusion of thickness. For women with thick hair, a longer shag cut can help to take weight off the ends and add movement to strands. You can opt to have your hairdresser keep your shag haircut short and chin-length or long and layered. For added appeal-and a true 70's throwback-add thick, curtain bangs and style with a messy texture.

To really rock a shag haircut the right way you'll never want it to look too-finished. The appeal of a shag is in its ability to look perfectly undone, almost as if you just rolled out of bed looking fabulous. Be sure to invest in shampoos and conditioner that won't weigh hair down, as well as texturizing sprays or mousse to truly capitalize on the movement created by the layers.

A shag works with all hair types and textures, but you’ll want to keep your face shape in mind. If you have a narrow face, Co-Owner Steve Morgan recommends keeping the bangs pretty wide and open so that your features are all visible and in focus. For wide face shapes, the pro suggests opting for more narrow bangs that are disconnected from the layers to create the illusion of a slimmer face. When it comes to everyday care, the cut is almost as effortless as it looks. To prolong the life of your shag, Steve says to protect the hair when heat styling because “it will stress your ends making you lose the structure of your cut.” To keep your ends looking shiny, hydrated, and fresh, he recommends regularly treating your strands with a hair oil.