Ultimate Scalp & Hair System: Scalp Clinix Biotic & Fibre Clinix Tribond Service March 3, 2022 11:37

Scalp Clinix Biotic & Fibre Clinix Tribond Service

For anyone experiencing both scalp imbalances and damaged mid-lengths and ends, a Scalp Clinix Biotic & Fibre Clinix Tribond Service will provide transformative results – from root to tip.

Fibre Clinix Tribond

Through the development of the most advanced and powerful repair technology, Fibre Clinix has set a new milestone by transforming the hair fibre back to its virgin condition.

Start the holistic experience in salon with a highly customised Tribond Service to match, mix and boost, instantly transforming the hair fibre.

Effortless maintenance continues at home with a hair care routine prescribed to each of our client’s individual hair needs.

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Transform – the Fibre Clinix Tribond Treatment and selected Boosters can be applied to mid-lengths and ends directly after the Scalp Clinix Biotic Base and dedicated Booster have been applied to the scalp. Then simply rinse off after the combined processing time for both services.

A holistic scalp care approach from salon to home

To maintain the improved scalp condition at home until the next salon visit, hairdressers can prescribe the most appropriate home scalp care routine for their client. There are four routines to choose from, which address everything from oil control to dandruff.

Scalp Clinix Soothing – soothes dry, delicate scalps, with a treatment containing Allantoin, Bisabolol and Panthenol to help strengthen the scalp’s protective barrier. This leaves the scalp with a calming and moisturised feeling.

Scalp Clinix Oil Control – deeply cleanses oily scalps, with a treatment to unclog pores and remove excess sebum when combined with a gentle massage. The end result is a refreshed scalp with a cooling effect.

Scalp Clinix Flake Control – removes and prevents new dandruff flakes gently and effectively, with a treatment containing Octopirox, providing a soothing feeling to itchy and irritated scalps.

Scalp Clinix Anti-Hair Loss – a regime for thinning hair, with a shampoo and a serum that – when paired with a massage – promotes the scalp’s blood micro-circulation and strengthens the hair follicles. This reduces non-pathological hair loss after 6 weeks.*

Each Scalp Clinix home care regime contains a Shampoo and Treatment or Serum formulated with Biotic Technology. The products have also been developed with dedicated skincare-inspired ingredients to support the scalp’s microbiome balance, prolonging the effect of the Scalp Clinix Biotic in-salon service.