5 essential brushes for your makeup kit October 26, 2016 12:39

Navigating the world of makeup brushes is certainly a minefield…

What’s the difference between an angled kabuki brush and a flat angled kabuki brush? And how do you know which product works best with which brush? To simplify matters, we’re bringing you the ultimate guide to the five most essential brushes and what they do. Get ready to brush up!

The kabuki brush

A classic kabuki brush is a total all-rounder, a multi-tasking tool that makes makeup application a breeze. This round-shaped brush can be used to apply blush, bronzer and any other powder formulations. It’s like the little black dress for your makeup bag – perfect for any occasion.

The angled flat kabuki brush

The super dense, flat angled bristles in this brush lend themselves to some seriously flawless foundation application. The width of the brush and the synthetic fibres mean you’ll always have an even distribution of product, which can be buffed in with ease for a sheer finish or layered for a fuller level of coverage.

The concealer brush

This brush is a winner for concealing those niggly little areas under the eyes and around the nose, where your larger foundation brush just can’t reach. The precision tip is also a dream when it comes to hiding pesky pimples.

The highlighter brush

The term ‘strobing’ is one we’re all familiar with by now and it’s going nowhere fast! Applying your liquid, powder or cream highlighters flawlessly requires the right tools, and a small brush such as this one will give you a naturally lit-from-within look in all the right places. Use the brush to apply your highlighter along the tops of your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, Cupid’s bow and top of the forehead.

The blender brush

While you might be a fan of using your fingers to apply your eyeshadow, nothing can beat the flawless finish and precision application that comes with using the right brush. This angled fluffy brush is perfect for applying not only the base shade of your eyeshadow but also for blending a darker shade into the crease.