Ask The Experts: 2018 Hair Trends February 16, 2018 14:52

Salon owner and colourist/stylist Jennifer Morgan looks at the top trends happening around the world for the coming season and shares what is likely to be the next big thing in hair!

The Cut: Baby Bowl


Originating in the salon of Paris this cut "the baby bowl" is a nod to the short length and semi-blunt finish. It can be worn air-dried, slicked back or parted in a few different ways.
We saw a lot of short hair during the couture week in Paris, you see the eccentricity and then you keep whatever comes out of it in a more commercial manner. This look combines the gamine effect of the pixie, mixed with the edge of the bowl cut.

The Cut: The Piecey Lob

So what are the cool kids are doing with their hair right now, it's all about the lob cut! A length that's somewhere between the chin and the shoulder, made edgy with piece-y texture.

The Cut: Feathery Fringes

Call it what you want — curtain fringe, the Brigitte Bardot bang, '70s feathering — but this trend is classic and chic, with an achievable infusion of bedhead.
It works so well because it's multi-functional, low maintenance, and enables you to wear it your own way. You can move it forward to frame your face or tuck it back to open up your features. It essentially offers a 2-in-1 cut without the maintenance of a full fringe.”

The Cut: Anything Asymmetrical

Another look that is definitely on the rise? Lengths that are a little off-center, whether A-line (longer in the front) or longer on one side, it's all about a unique, interesting finish to make classic shapes more interesting.

If you are nervous, ask for a length difference of just a couple of centimetres, which will give the effect of purposeful asymmetry, without being too over the top. If you love it, you can add to it in time!

The Cut: Micro Fringe

For clients don't want to lose their length, but want to try something more modern, the only thing that will change the effect of long hair is fringe.
A baby fringe can be hard to pull off, but are amazing for those with strong features, when you put soft, girly fringe on someone with soft features it can be too much.

The Cut: Curly Curtain Fringe

Another trend featuring both here and internationally right now is long, swingy fringe but its really hot at the moment with curly or wavy hair.
If you have curly hair there is only has one rule when embracing a fringe: Do not, under any circumstances, feel like they need to be blown straight

The Cut: The Blunt Bob

This is a totally blunt cut that's even when your chin is raised, then very lightly point-cut so the ends get that enviable movement. You have to take the corner off or it just becomes a normal bob, which can be a bit harsh, That little curl in the front, that is unique. As far as the fringe, it should hit right at the brows.

The Cut: We will call it the 'French Girl Cut'

Like all good things from Paris (croissants, micellar water, little black dresses), it's simple, but far from boring. This look is easy to achieve: Ask for a collarbone cut that's a hair shorter in the back and layered for your unique texture. Then, it's all about air-drying

The Colour: Caramel Rosé

The perfect marriage of cool pink and warm caramel is drop dead gorgeous . It's natural looking colour that blends in easily and adds texture and dimension and suits most skin tones
The look can be bold, or subtle depending on the colour choice. The easiest route is a gloss over old highlights or ask for sombré done with ribbons of caramel and pink.

The Colour: Shades of Gold

Blond shades went warmer in 2017 — and they're staying put on the more golden side of the spectrum. A lot more women are going for the gold!" Blondes will still be bright, but will have a soft, golden hue to them and brunettes will have subtle, golden flecks weaved in for dimension and shine.
An exquisite mix of gold, auburn and bronze tints provides with a new coloristic solution that got the name “butterscotch hair.

The Colour: Pinot

You may find your next hair colour inspiration right in the glass of your wine. The deep red can be mixed with copper and cinnamon tones sounds a delicious solution for your hair.

The Colour: Fiery Orange, Pink, & Red

Recently clients have been asking for more unnatural shades of red, orange, and pink and afters summer of soft and pastel we are moving towards brighter and bolder shades for this season.

The Colour: Acid Hair

Taking this one step further there is a definite trend towards ‘acid pop inspired colour’, the next rainbow hue to sweep the industry. Call it what you want — neon, dayglow, electric, '80s-inspired — but things are going more Technicolor, less My Little Pony.

The Colour: Chestnut Brown

If you think that the chestnut brown hair is boring? You are wrong. Chestnut brown can be done either as a full hair color- or as highlights placed all over the stands. It can be a great option to brighten up your look.
Chestnut tones with hints of gold or rosewood work perfectly with a winter ombre