Ask The Experts: Brighten up autumnal days with "Fallayage" July 19, 2019 15:39

We asked salon owner and colour director Jennifer Morgan, what is hot this winter...

It seems like every new trend (fashion, hair or otherwise seems to come with its own portmanteau and this seasons colour influence is no different...introducing "fallayage" a crisp and autumnal (or wintery) balayage trend that's bound to having you 'falling' for a new hair colour.

We are past the shortest day ad technically on our way to spring...but we know that we still have a few months of winter hair ahead of us

With winter fashion the bonus of this time of year,  you might want to switch up your hair colour, too.
Instead of spending several hours at the salon getting your hair bleached and coloured a summery, neon shade, shift from the bright, cool tones of summer to richer, warmer, winter ones. But now that season is changing, trends are suggesting warm balayage looks — or as some are calling it, "fallayage." It's subtle, low maintenance, and gorgeous.

Clients like going warmer at this time of year as their tan is gone and their hair might be a bit sun-bleached and sensitised. Adding a bit of autumn/winter-inspired balayage is a perfect way to create dimension and add shine back into your locks without fully sacrificing the sun-kissed colour you earned over the summer.

Brighten up autumnal days with fallayage

Fallayage is created by combining a series of warm shades using the balayage hair colouring technique to add shape and dimension to your hair. Colours such as honey, copper and mahogany are combined with a subtle blend of browns and beige tones, resulting in an autumnal look that works on most hair colours.

Falling for fallayage

When it comes to perking up your complexion during the winter months, fallayage has the perfect combination of warm undertones to help give your complexion a natural and radiant glow. With so many different tone combinations to choose from, it's a great way to create a personalised look that's perfectly suited to your skin tone, face shape, hair type and personality.

Achieving fallayage hair

Fallayage is a unique hair colouring technique that requires the skill and knowledge of expert hands, so leave the hard work to your colourist. The first step will be to select a number of shades that work well together to evoke the beautiful golden brown hues of autumn.


Take care of your fallayage hair by using a colour protecting shampoo and conditioner, as well as a weekly mask, which will keep your locks looking glossy and vibrant.