Ask the Experts: Thinking Short for Winter? June 25, 2019 15:15

One of the best things about hair is the ability to experiment with style whenever the mood strikes. So, when it comes to making a major switch, like getting a short haircut, we’re here for you. 

We asked our Creative Director Erin Beech for her advice if you are thinking of a dramatic change

To really get the most out of your transformation it’s important to take your hair texture and hair type into consideration. Avoid the awkward grow-out phase and get the short haircut right the first time with these cut and short hair styling tips before hitting up the salon.


Women with naturally thick hair texture should go for a short haircut that makes their hair feel lighter and less weighed down.

Look for a versatile cut can be styled a number of ways and is perfect for those who want to try out short hairstyle without the commitment of a pixie. Add sideswept fringe that hit at the brow for a layered fringe that requires minimal upkeep. To style the hair, prep using our Alterna Heat Protector for heat protection, blow dry and curl the ends using a 1¼-inch curling wand. Seal it in with a light-hold hairspray for touchable bouncy waves.

A longer spin on this look is a sideswept bob that falls above the shoulders and is somewhat blunt at the tips of the hair. Create added dimension with the look by asking for an extreme part on whichever side you prefer. For easy styling right out of the shower, let hair air dry using our Beach Envy Styler to achieve an effortless wavy texture.


Embrace a fine hair type with a bold pixie cut. While it may look intimidating, it’s possible to pull off with a head of fine hair that can cooperate with the piece-y texture this cut demands. To score this short hairstyle, ask your Morgan & Morgan stylist to cut your hair into an undercut in the back and with longer, fuller pieces at the crown that fall into a layered fringe. If you’re into something a little more daring, go for a classic disconnected pixie cut. For the truely fashion forward, cut the sides and the back short, leaving hair longer at the top for a look with pompadour vibes.

We asked Erin for the best way to style a pixie, and she said says the look is all about what products you use. She recommends using a lightweight cream like BC Curl Power to prime your newly short hair and create an ideal looser, softer texture. Rewind would be great for pixies because it stays pliable in the hair. You can style it by dampening your fingers with a little bit of water and piecing it together. Then finally if you’d like to mist it down and start over, you can reset all of those and then comb it through for a totally different look to go from, say for instance, office to club, she explained.


Super curly hair types benefit from a chin-length short haircut. When brainstorming your cut with us, see if a part down the side with layers that are longer at the chin and shorter in the back will work for you. This type of style helps balance voluminous curls without adding bulk. If your hair errs on the side of curly without coarseness, you can also play around with curly bangs. We can keep the cut above the shoulder and cut hair into layers starting at the eyes using a razor at the ends. This will help create a shaggy, wispy effect that gives curls movement. Embrace your natural texture by activating curls with OSiS Bouncy Curls and blow drying hair with a diffuser to keep ringlets defined.


A short haircut can do wonders for hair that is on the dryer or frizzier side, but it’s important to keep it on the longer side and avoid tons of short layers so that the hair can sit nicely without going poufy. Ask your stylist for a shaggy lob (long bob) with a few longer layers throughout and blunt ends. Also, its usually better to go the traditional route and cut the ends with scissors as opposed to thinning shears or a razor, which can leave unwanted frizz behind.

If your hair is driving you crazy it is worth investing in either a Keratin Blow Out or a Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment to tame your hair and decrease the blow wave time


Alternatively, you can also go for an edgier bob if you’re feeling a little bit more adventurous. When consulting with your stylist, ask for a graduated bob where the back is curved into a horseshoe shape and layers become longer going toward the front. You can ask for the stacking of the layers in the back to be cut shorter or longer depending on your preference, so the possibilities with this are endless. If your hair is dry from heat damage, this is a great cut that can be used to start fresh and grow healthy tresses. For easy short hair styling, go with a product like Alterna Anti-Frizz Serum to tame dry, frizzy ends.