Beauty Must-Haves for Girls on the Run May 11, 2017 16:45

10 things every woman needs in her handbag…

Sometimes there’s barely enough time to run to the toilet between meetings, let alone trying to re-do your hair and make-up. Having all your absolute beauty essentials at the ready is a time saving godsend and means that you’ll be looking glamorous all day and night! Well, that’s the idea anyway.

They need to be multi-tasking, quick to use, and most importantly, small! So, whether you’re freshening up for fun after work drinks or re-touching your lippy for an important meeting, here are our top picks of smart beauty buys that you need at hand at all times:


There’s nothing worse than spending time doing your make-up perfectly, then getting into daylight to realize that your brows have literally up sprouted out of nowhere! Keep tweezers handy to quickly pinch out the strays and stay looking polished.

TRY: QVS Astro Slant Tip Tweezer, $10.99


The easiest way to perk up a tired complexion is with a bit of rosy blush. Try a multi-tasking formula for your lips and cheeks to save time and space in your bag. A creamier product will be mess free and will blend easily with your fingers too.

TRY: The Body Shop Lip & Cheek Velvet Sticks, $32


Accentuate your cheekbones and make your skin instantly glow with some perfectly placed highlighter. Dewy skin is in, so ease up on the powder and amp up some shimmer throughout the day.

TRY: Benefit Highlighter in Girl Meets Pearl, $57, or Clinique Chubby Stick Hefty Highlight, $57


Unexpected work drinks? Don’t fret. Instead of trying to create the perfect multi-tonal smokey eye with ten different eyeshadows, just add a few sweeps of dark eyeliner. Draw along your top lash line and smudge gently with your fingertip for a soft finish. Add extra drama by lining the same colour along your top and bottom waterlines. Viola.

TRY: Innoxa Soft Kohl Eye Pencil, $24.95 


Perfume bottles are big, bulky and heavy to lug around. Swap for a mini version of your fave scent or try a rollerball which is less likely to spill in your bag.

TRY: Viva La Juicy Noir EDP Rollerball Duo 10ml, $35 


You’ve showered, moisturized, done your hair and make-up and ran out the door. But wait, you’ve forgotten to apply deodorant!!! Don’t sweat it. With Rexona Clinical Protection in your bag, you can stop sweat in its tracks and reapply at any time. Nothing is stronger!

TRY: Rexona Clinical Protection Shower Clean Antiperspirant Deodorant, $15.27  


Pesky broken nails can crop up at the most inconvenient times, so be sure to have a file at the ready to stop the snagging. This is an easy quick-fix that you can do sitting at the traffic lights.

TRY: Manicare Crystal Nail File, $14.99


Just about to smudge or fix up your eyeliner with your fingers? Stop. The last thing you want is an eye infection from the bacteria on our hands. If you’re not near a tap, all you need is one small dollop of hand santizer and your good to glam away.

TRY: The Body Shop Cleanse Gel in Mango, $8.75


Sallow eyes are a sure giveaway of a long and stressful day. Perk up your peepers and correct any (stress related) redness with a light concealer. Again, creamy formulas blend the best and are less likely to spill.

TRY: M.A.C Studio Conceal and Correct Duo, $50 

10. COMB

Messy hair, don’t care attitude? While this may look hip and cool for a short time, tangled locks can look dull and damaged so give them some love with a comb through during the day. This may also be useful after getting caught in an unexpected rain storm! Yay NZ!

TRY: ghd’s Tail Comb, $12