Blonde Ambitions...taking care of your hair November 1, 2019 16:01

Whether you choose platinum, butterscotch, 'bronde' or any other shades of blonde in between, going light is bound to give you an extra bounce in your step.

If you are blonde, you’re not rocking just any hair colour any more—you’re rocking the most eye-catching hair colour out there.

Rumour has it you are likely to attract more attention everywhere you go, whether it’s from people on the street, potential Tinder matches, the Instagram community or possibly even that cutie down the hall you’re always running into.

To pull off such an iconic color without sacrificing the health and look of your hair, a little effort is required to maintain colour.

Going blonde, even if it’s just with highlights, is a big commitment, but fortunately, there are ways to deal with the changes

Below, check out how to cleverly get around some common negative effects when you colour your hair blonde



Worried about how to go blonde without sacrificing the strength of your strands? That’s where Schwarzkopf FibrePlex comes in. It is a  two-part service with an at-home retail component that focuses on balancing pH and protecting bonds. In its first step, the #1 Bond Booster works to keep hair fibres strong from within to reduce breakage. To get your hair in on the fibre strengthening action, speak to your colorist about using FibrePlex during your hair colour service.


Part of the allure of any hair colour is the show-stopping shine. As part of the FibrePlex system, the #2 Bond Sealer focuses on smoothing the hair cuticle, thereby promoting shine, softness and strength following the color treatment—and who doesn’t want that?

Another way to keep blonde hair glossy is by spritzing a shine spray, and concentrating it on the ends, which tend to be the driest parts of the hair. Alterna's Rapid Repair is a protective, ultra- lightweight oil that goes on dry and leaves hair feeling airy and silky without weighing the hair down. Try to resist running your fingers through your hair after applying this!


Chances are, while you’re sudsing up your hair to remove dirt and oil, you’re also at risk of your hair getting brassy or dull. You can help your hair by keeping washing to a minimum—every 2 or 3 days. In between hair washes, get chummy with a dry shampoo. Alterna Sheer Dry Shampoo degreases oily roots so you can choose not to rock the wet hair look on no-wash days.

On hair washing days, consider going for sulfate-free shampoos or use products specifically designed for shades of blonde with color-treated hair like Alterna Infiniate Color Hold Shampoo and Conditioner. Clinically proven to deliver up to 70 days* of vibrant color and shine thanks to the Dual Capture Complex that helps keep color true and vibrant longer while protecting against UV, color fade, and rinse out. 


The hair lightening and haircoloring process to achieve different shades of blonde can be tough on your scalp. Get your scalp back on track without losing color or shine with a few easy, at home tips. For instance, post shower, consider letting your hair air dry to avoid removing even more moisture. Products such as BC Moisture Kick help you stay shiny without a blow dry. Or skip washing your hair altogether and use a dry shampoo to maintain the natural oils your recently color-treated scalp needs. You can also apply tea tree oil to your scalp for quick, calming relief.


Going from a very dark black or brown haircolor to a very pale blonde color, mineral deposits from your swimming pool or shower, and using the incorrect hair products are all factors that might lead beautifully blonde hair to turn brassy.

The Schwarzkopf Vibrance gloss, which features a demi-permanent, no-ammonia technology, will revive faded colour, add shine and correct hair that’s turned brassy.

For a quick fix at home, you can opt for hair products with a purple tone to neutralize the yellow in blonde haircolors that have turned brassy. (Cue the flashbacks to primary school art class.)

evo fab pro… the unique customised colour maintenance system gives us the power to perfectly match and maintain any hair colour in-between salon visits to ensure no unwanted tones in between services


To replenish moisture that may have been taken away from your hair during the colouring process, a deep conditioning treatment will give your hair some much-needed TLC.

Sit back, relax, apply a hair mask, and a sip a glass of wine while you’re at it. Alterna Restructuring Bond Repair Mask works to maintain your hair colour while strengthening the hair fibre to leave hair feeling soft.

Now that you know how handle the effects of lightening, you can explore different shades of blonde with ease.

For more details on all the different types of blonde...check out Morgan & Morgan Salon Owner Jennifer Morgan's breakdown of all the options here

If you want to be even more adventurous without the commitment of permanent colour, evo staino colour allows you to experiment with 12 vibrant, fantasy shades, including a bright pink called Fuchsia or a cool light lavender purple . If you change your mind about the color, it’s all good, since it only stays true-to-tone for up to 12-20 shampoos.