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Getting the perfect cut!

Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words!
Even after 30 (some) years of hairdressing and more consultations than I have had hot dinners…(literally) there are still times when I am not 100% sure I am hearing or seeing what my client is trying to explain
So if you find a cut or style that you want your hair to look exactly like, bring that picture to us!
This will eliminate any miscommunication that happens in these kinds of situations. If you want your fringe to look like Zooey Deschanel’s or your tresses to look like Jennifer Lopez’s voluminous layers, a photo will help clear up any confusion. Your stylist will thank you and it will really make the consultation much easier.

To love or not to love…
Decide what your loving/hating about your hair or picture. This way, your stylist can give you some ideas to switch it up to suit your needs. Picking out specific things about a look also let’s us, as hairstylists, get creative and customize it to you.

Speaking of fringes….
Fringe…if you’ve got ‘em, flaunt ‘em. Fringes are the ultimate hair accessory this season. Whether they’re full and square, short and rounded or just swept to the side, bangs frame the face and accentuate the eyes. When styling, start drying the bangs first and remember to use the nozzle attachment on your blow-dryer. The key to getting the perfect style is by directing the airflow straight down from the root . Using a vent or denman brush and brushing side to side will keep them sleek and prevent you from looking like you’re seven-years-old again and your mother just cut your fringe with some kitchen shears.

Now back to your consultation….
Listen to what your stylist is recommending—the style of your dreams may not work for you or your lifestyle. Sometimes you might not understand why we ask the questions we do…but believe me, the more we know about you, the better your chances of walking away with amazing hair!

Life & Style
Occasionally I see a stylist doing an in-depth consultation, but the cape is already on the client. How can anyone possibly know if the look you’re going for suits your personal style? Make sure when you’re explaining your hair regime and styling expectations you are sans cape; realizing your maintenance level is another key element in a new style!

A few key questions could include:
How was your last haircut – what did you like, is there anything that did not work so well?
Is there anything with your haircut that you are struggling with?
What do you love about your hair right now?
Are you looking at changing or maintaining your style today?
If looking for change…have you thought about what you would you change about your hair?
How long are you currently spend styling your hair each day?
What products & tools do you use at the moment to get the desired result?

Also, make sure you understand how we are going to achieve your new look…you need to know what products are needed to achieve the volume/smoothness/shine/texture etc etc – make sure if your stylist is using something you know what it is and why!!
If you can’t understand the terminology, then don’t be afraid to have us explain in layman’s terms for you.

Sometimes we get wrapped up in our professional lingo that they forget to speak “client.”
It’s also important to share with your stylist what your daily routine is like, especially if it is your first time meeting with someone. If you’re a “ready, roll, go” kind of girl, then a cut that requires a lot of styling is not going to work. If you’re on a budget and can’t afford to get to the salon every 4-6 weeks, then a cut with a lot of upkeep is going to become your worst nightmare.


Keep at least 30% of the conversation professional
We love to chat…its a key part of what we do….BUT don’t take a seat and immediately start gossiping. Let your stylist do their thing. The most important part of the service is the actual consultation and this should start from the minute you sit down in the chair. If your stylist starts the service off by talking about their (or your) relationship woes then don’t be surprised if you leave the salon disappointed with the final results. No consultation = immediate frustration.
If you get into the habit of talking hair…new ideas…seasonal changes you will always enjoy your hair and never get bored or frustrated!
When we talk to you about products…you have to believe us when we say we have your hairs best interest at heart! If you asked any hairdresser to style your hair without any product they would be horrified at the thought – so when they recommend it so you don’t have that dilemma at home!

Let us see what your hair is really like
Head into the salon with your hair styled as you normally would (though, not too dirty, of course), and be clear with your stylist about any chemical treatments or colouring you've done in recent months. The consultation is when we can see the hair texture when it's dry, how you wear it and be honest about what is achievable 

Getting the perfect colour
When it comes to colour, any colourist worth their salt will have a comprehensive visual library of colour looks to use as a reference.
If you have a point of reference or photo you want your hair color to look like, then bring it in for your colorist. This is extremely important in achieving the color you want.
The most commonly misused word in the colour department is red…is that red like a fire-engine, red like an apple, red like a ruby, red like a bottle of claret – or did you in fact mean copper (orange) or even gold (yellow)! The more images you have to look at and refer to the better the chances of ending up with a colour you love.

Do NOT ever let your colourist use colour chart swatches! This is NOT hair…it is nylon dyed with carpet dye. The point of the colour chart is to give us (the colourist) a visual reference to the reflect.
The end result of ANY colour service is a combination of the colour we choose, the developer it is mixed with, the natural depth of your hair, the underlying pigment naturally present and the texture and condition of your tresses. The colour book takes none of this into consideration and unless you are wearing a wig…your hair is NEVER going to be like the swatches.

Be up front

Especially in terms of getting a chemical treatment done, treat your consultation like a doctor's appointment and be as honest as you can—even if it's not their own handiwork and you've technically "cheated" on your long-term steady.
You should also tell us if you've had a Chemical Straightener or Keratin treatment, because that could make a huge difference in your result. We also recommend letting your stylist know the products you're currently using, as we need to know what products may affect the end result. If you have any colour in your hair….or have had ANY colour service performed in the past 1-5 years (depending on the length of your hair) tell your colourist…it completely alters the products we may need to use to achieve the end result

Keep it real
Be realistic with what your expectations are. I know we all want that Kim K. hair, but realistically, it’s not in the budget for a glam squad daily. We can come close though, but with work! Take into account how much time you’re willing to spend on your hair. If the look you’re going for requires using a new product or tool, have your stylist show you how to make that happen. Also, most stylists will now offer blow dry lessons, its a great forum for you to really learn the inside tips.
And don’t forget to maintain the look. Make sure you’re seeing your colourist on a regular basis, even if it is for a slight touch-up. Remember, when you stretch out your appointments the process if more intense and time consuming which results in a higher ticket price. Also look into shampoos that help neutralise the brass and keep you always looking cool.
Also, if you want your color to last, then for goodness sake purchase some color-care products once and for all! Nothing drives me more insane than a client who comes in two weeks after a color service with fading color and a disappointed attitude. Color is an investment and color-care products are your insurance policy.

Back to your colour…
We colour every day…after a while you get good at working out what shades are best and what suits what hair/skin etc. Not everyone can wear every hair colour. If your colorist says, “Your skin tone is too olive for that particular shade and I think a blonde that’s more golden would be in your best interest,” then listen to them! Not only do they want you to leave the salon happy, but you are a walking billboard for their craft!

Some great colour questions..

(that don’t include “so what are we doing today?”
What do you like about your colour at the moment?
What do you not like?
How interested in updating your hair-color to incorporate some current fashion trends are you?
Do you have any thoughts about whether you want to be lighter, darker or with more texture than you have currently
Have you ever had a colour result that you have not liked (any disasters?)
What is your main priority (main reason for colouring) with your colour?
How long do you usually wait between colour services?
Have you ever had an allergic reaction to a colour product?
Are you allergic to any other foods, cosmetic products or other substances?

We want to to look good!
We really do! Your colourist wants to give you advise and will only recommend results that they believe are going to suit you. So it comes down to taste…therefore when you are choosing your colourist word or mouth is vital! The other great guide is to look a their hair…if your colour specialist is sporting black with red stripes…it says that is what they like! If their hair is a natural looking blonde, soft and shiny …then again – it says this is what this person believes is beautiful! A personal style match is as important as technical skill

Pinterest is an amazing resource for hair colour images and the ideal place for any colourist worth their salt to build their Look Book…check out ours!