Ask the Experts..."How do I find the perfect style for my face?" December 25, 2016 00:00

Shapes are important considerations when you want a new ‘do. When choosing your best hairstyle for your face shape, you should consider which styles you like, which styles suit your lifestyle and hair type, but above all — which hairstyle will look the most flattering on you!

So who better to seek expert tips from, than our very own Director Hair Stylist, Steve Morgan

We asked Steve to share with us his thoughts about how your face shape can guide your choices

The idea is to balance out your face and add height or width where you need it to create symmetry

While choosing the best hairstyle is ultimately about your personal taste there are some basic rules you should follow, starting with your face shape.

As naff as it sounds, if you aren’t sure what your face-shape is…stand in front of a mirror at arms length and with a erasable marker draw around the outline of your face – then step away.


If you have a square face, chances are you have a strong, angular jaw. As harsh as it sounds if you think of your face as a cube, then the lines of your haircut should ideally be an X

Anything that creates a diagonal line…a sweeping fringe, an asymmetrical length, texture, curls or choppy ends or strong layers will balance the shape. Avoid blunt cut, strong horizontal fringes and jaw length bobs at all costs!!


This is a very romantic shaped face to have and one of the easiest to balance. The best hairstyles for your face shape will draw the focus more to your eyes and cheekbones.

Try a side swept fringe and a strong part. If you have longer hair try to create fullness at the jaw to shoulder level either with layers or with curls, texture or movement Keep your layers long and soft and avoid a short, blunt fringe at all costs!


This is the most balanced face-shape and allows you to have the most options when it comes to your hairstyle.

If your face is oval shaped, lucky you, there really is no limit to hairstyles for your face shape.


If you have a long face, you need a hairstyle that creates width. If your face is a rectangle then you need horizontal lines to add balance.

The easiest way to achieve this is with a strong fringe. A chin length bob will help create the illusion of width

Avoid a pixie cut that will exaggerate the length of your face, a centre part (in spite of S-J-P’s strong look) or anything too long unless it has plenty of volume


Round faces can be hard to balance, as what you need to do is to make your face appear longer and leaner, and to do this you’ll need a cut with less volume around the face. A shoulder length haircut with soft graduated layers is your ideal style. You can have a fringe if you like, but keep it long and side swept.

A little bit of height can be good and length will also help plus get your colourist to create some texture in your colour with vertically placed foils that will draw the eye downwards


The pear shaped face is narrower at the forehead and wider at the jawline often with round chins…its kind of the opposite to the heart face.

You can easily give this face shape the illusion of an oval shaped face by creating width at the forehead and temples and keeping it narrow around the jaw to shoulder level Add some layers and create some movement and texture through the temple area

Finding the best hairstyles for your face shape really isn’t hard once you understand the lines, angles, and curves of your bone structure. It is our job as professionals to help you to understand what is the best shape for you

You might walk into the salon with a certain celebrity haircut in mind but remember that the key to finding the best hairstyles for your face shape means having a hair cut that works with your facial structure, not against it.

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